Blue Bombers receiver Terrence Edwards, right, celebrates his touchdown with teammate Ibrahim Khan in Week 5 against the B.C. Lions. ((John Woods/Canadian Press))

Once a week Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League.

Overall record: 5-0
Streak: Five wins

Finding themselves at the top of the mountain seemed to have left the Eskimos a little lightheaded for Week 5 as they were lucky to beat Toronto. Fortunately, Fiaconni-to-Ray-to-Stamps has become a must-see keystone combination for the Eskies. And it helped that the Argos self-destructed. And the ref’s watch broke. But 5-0 is 5-0 folks, and that’s one for the ages. Or at least more than three decades, which is when it last happened.
Overall record: 4-1
Streak: Two wins

Offence? Who needs a stinking offence? Well, at some point Winnipeg is going to have to find an attack, and that might be hard as QB Buck Pierce’s health hangs by a thread. But these sack-happy Bombers must leave offensive lines blanching when they watch the film in the week before games. They had six more against B.C. As a note, however, they also allowed 145 yards in rushing, so let’s pay attention to the peripheral vision here, not just the guy you’ve got caught in the headlights.
Overall record: 3-2
Streak: Three wins

Dave Stala was so excited by his two touchdowns against Montreal it looked like he was going to run right out of Ivor Wynne Stadium and take the ball back to the home where he grew up in Hamilton. The coaches seem to have worked out how to get Kevin Glenn back to last season’s form, not that it was the quarterback’s fault. The defence gave up 356 yards in the air to Anthony Calvillo but held when they had to. These Cats are coming hard. Calgary will be a great test of as if it’s hard enough.
Overall record: 3-2
Streak: One win

This win over Saskatchewan showed the White Stallions (with the really ugly black hats) in the light we have come to expect them. They were professional and patient and had a nice mix of running and passing. Henry Burris was on his best behavior. Defence came up big when it really needed to. Overall, it looks like Calgary is ready to make a run back to the top of the West over the next month.
Overall record: 3-2
Streak: Two losses

It seems funny to say that Anthony Calvillo, back at QB after suffering blurred vision the week before, was off his game when he threw for 356 yards and two touchdowns against Hamilton. But there were some overthrows and a bit of mistiming there that cut off good drives. The Als are pretty beat up right now. They lost the highly valuable J.P. Bekesiak to injury off the defensive line, and as a non-import there it’s going to set off some ratio dominoes. This is not the time to worry. It’s only two losses.
Overall record: 1-4
Streak: One loss

You can’t fault the effort by the Riders in losing to a tough Stamps’ squad now finding its hooves under them. But time, it keeps on slipping, bringing us to the end of Saturday’s first half when poor time management was costly. And so was that Jason Clermont touchdown drop at the end of the third quarter with nothing but real estate around him. Little things add up to losses in this league. B.C. is next. Must not assume a victory, especially with a return trip to Calgary looming.
Overall record: 1-4
Streak: Four losses

Dropped balls. Missed assignments. Turnovers. 1-4. And the defence played so darn well against Edmonton. (This is off topic, but have all the referees in the league suddenly lost their minds at the same time?). Somebody needs to tell Chad Owens that as one of the team’s stars, he has to set the tone by not fumbling. Also, perhaps Chad Kackert (139 yards rushing, two touchdowns and three fumbles the team fortunately got back) should think about taking those gloves off.
8. B.C. LIONS [Unchanged]
Overall record: 0-5
Streak: Five losses

Geroy Simon reminds one of Michelangelo, forced to teach a high school art class to a bunch of guys who really don’t want to be there. “OK boys, now remember, let’s catch the ball BEFORE you try to run for glory.” Hardly anyone seems to be listening. Dobson Collins dropped three balls, for gosh sakes. House-elves have better hands than he’s showing right now. How about giving Paris Jackson a chance? Or Nick Moore? Or those two guys playing catch at Hastings Park?