After my first game last week as a photographer, I was back at B.C. Place for the Toronto Argonauts-Lions game this past Saturday afternoon. While my previous gallery focused heavily on the Lions, this week it was my goal to make this a more balanced gallery, focusing on both the Argonauts and the Lions.

The comments I'm getting from the newspaper photographers in Victoria is that my the photos are in the style of Sports Illustrated rather than newspaper, which offers a perspective you don't get from either watching the images on television or looking at the photos in the newspaper.

To prepare for the weekend game, I did some research on the Toronto players like Ricky Ray, Chad Owens and Gerald Riggs Jr. (the running back replacing the injured Chad Kackert). Knowing the players and the schemes was extremely valuable. When I’m focused on photography I don't get as good a feel for the pace and tempo of the game as I do watching it on TV.

I like to show up two hours before game time so I can watch the warm-up. The slower pace gives me time to compose my shots, get familiar with the backgrounds and look for the best light.

The Argos did not look as energetic in warm-up compared to the Lions. They were subdued except for Chad Owens, who looked to have a similar attitude before the game as all the Lions players. He was jumping, running, pointing at the camera all with a big smile on his face.

Once the game starts, my newness to football gets me excited and my mind starts working - trying to keep up with what’s going on so I can get that great shot I’m hoping for. I am constantly trying to anticipate what play is coming, what lens I should use, which bench to focus on.

Random thoughts come into my head: do I have enough photos of Ricky Ray? Does Andrew Harris have his helmet off? Are any coaches or players screaming and yelling at each other?

The security staff comments on how much I move while I’m on the field. I’m lucky to have this opportunity to get creative and go for the shots I want.

I’m relishing in the freedom where I can be as creative as I want to be discovering a sport I have watched my entire life from a completely new and exciting angle.

Canadian and Olympic rowing champion Kevin Light has been a B.C. Lions fan since he was six, when his dad took him to his first game in 1985. He recently got the chance to photograph the Lions-Toronto Argonauts matchup shares his thoughts on the game, the players and how he took the photos.