Donald Brashear fought 212 times in a 1,025-game NHL career from 1993 to 2010. ((Clement Allard/Canadian Press))

Former NHL tough guy Donald Brashear got off to a quick start in his mixed martial arts debut, making short work of Mathieu Bergeron at Ringside MMA on Saturday night.

Brashear rushed across the cage and dropped Bergeron with a right hook after the opening bell.

Brashear, who had over 2,100 penalty minutes in 1,000 NHL games, finished Bergeron off with hammer fists before the referee stopped the fight after only 21 seconds.

The victory was Brashear's first as a mixed martial arts fighter, and the Quebec City crowd roared in appreciation of his win.

It was the third scheduled opponent for Brashear who thought the opponent changes were "pretty tough."

"I threw a little of what I practised for the first guy and a little of what I practised for the second guy and put it into the fight with the third guy."

Brashear, who arrived at the former home of the Quebec Nordiques carrying his Philadelphia Flyers hockey bag, called his first MMA fight "nerve wracking."

"It also felt like I was home," he added. "As soon as I got in there [the cage], I was comfortable."

Brashear, who has a three fight contract, said that he will "certainly" fight MMA again.

"I'm having fun learning it," he said. "I haven't done much fighting yet. I love learning it and the fight was fun."