Dana White says the UFC will be back in Calgary.

The UFC's first visit to the Alberta city was last July with an ill-fated UFC 149 card that was decimated by injury.

White said the UFC would be back, but Winnipeg got the latest nod — with UFC 161 planned for June.

On Thursday, the UFC boss said Calgary will get another show.

"When we go back to Calgary, I've said it a million times, we're going to deliver when we go back there," White told reporters. "Last year was the worst year in this company's history as far as injuries and things that happened. And that was the worst card, not only as far a fights went but as far as fighters falling out of the card. Everybody on the card fell out."

Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal have also hosted UFC shows although Vancouver gave way to Calgary in the Canadian rotation last year.

"I will be back in Calgary and I will make it up," White promised.

Tom Wright, the UFC's director of Canadian operations, has said he expects to be back in Vancouver next year.