Canada went 3-for-3 in wrestling gold medal matches on Wednesday at the Commonwealth Games.

David Tremblay from Windsor, Ont., took the men's 61-kilogram title, defeating India's Bajrang Bajrang 12-1 in the final. Nigeria's Amas Daniel and Scotland's Viorel Etko won bronze.

"I got him in a technique, with that technique, you can finish the match very quickly and that's something that I like to do," said Tremblay. "You look at all my matches, I get them down there, and it's almost over after."​

Arjun Gill of Surrey, B.C., followed that up with a victory in the 97 kg class. He defeated Satywart Kadian of India 3-1 in the final. England's Leon Rattigan and New Zealand's Sam Belkin took bronze. 

"It was tough, really tough," Gill said. "[Kadian] moves his hands really well so it's hard to score.

"This means a lot. It means a lot to my family, It means a lot to me, it means a lot to Canada."

Rounding out the gold rush was Montreal's Dori Yeats, who defeated Angele Tomo of Cameroon 4-0 in the women's 69 kg final in the last match of the day. Navjot Navjot Kaur of India and Hannah Rueben of Nigeria won bronze. 

"Wear it. Sleep with it, eat with it, got to school with it, figure out how to wrestle with it," she said, when asked what she'd do with her medal. "I will probably just put it with my collection of medals I really like.

"This is my first major Games. It's awesome to win, for sure and it's a good preparation for the Olympic Games, obviously. It's not like I'll be walking into a Village for the first time at the Olympics, it's the perfect warm-up."

Canada added two bronze medals in the discipline. Jillian Gallays defeated Christelle Lemofack Letchidjio of Cameroon in the women's 53 kg freestyle class, and Braxton Stone-Papadoloulos won her bout against Cameroonian Edwige Ngono Eyia in the 58 kg class. 

Canada has had a run of success on the mat at the Games. Erica Wiebe and Korey Jarvis won wrestling gold medals Tuesday.

Canada picked up three more gold medals in other disciplines on Wednesday. 

Divers Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion won the gold medal in the women's 10-metre synchronized platform event. Over on the track, Canada finished 1-2 in the women's heptathlon as Brianne Theisen-Eaton took gold, with Jessica Zelinka right behinder in the silver medal position.

Nobody could touch Derek Drouin in the men's high jump, as the Canadian cruised to the title, while teammate Mike Mason won bronze. 

With files from The Canadian Press