Christine Keshen of Calgary is one of 17 athletes to pose for the Fire on Ice calendar. ((Ana Arce/Fire On Ice Calendar))

Canadian curler Christine Keshen has put her money where her mouth is by posing in a fundraising pin-up calendar featuring some of the sport's top female stars.

The calendar, dubbed Fire On Ice, features Keshen, a 2006 Olympic bronze medallist, as well as2003 world champion skip Debbie McCormick and teammate Nicole Joraanstadof the United States.

In total, 17 athletes from 12 countries posed for the calendar.

The debut last year of thecurling calendar caused a furor because several curlers posed nude, but Keshen supported the idea as a means to increase the game's revenue and profile.

"We need to sexify curling because sex sells," Keshen said last year, adding that she would pose nude if asked.

Ayear later, the Olympian has lived up to her word.

"Well, I did say I'd do it, so here I am sticking to my promise," Keshen told the Curling News website.

"My hope is to help increase interest in women's curling. I'm taking one for the team to show the world that the women that curl are beautiful, fit athletes. Perhaps it's challenging to see that when we're on ice covered in our jackets, trying to keep warm."

Keshen, who won bronze at this year'sTorino Olympic Games as a member of skip Shannon Kleibrink's team, found posing for the calendar to be a surprising physical challenge.

"I left the shoot with a new appreciation for models," said Keshen. "I had bruised knees, an aching back, sore abs and my mouth hurt from smiling and laughing so much. The next day, I got out of bed and I was seriously stiff from holding poses and sitting in weird positions — no wonder models look so good."

Keshen plans to donate half her proceeds to the international charity Right To Play, which allows children living in povertyor war-torn countries the opportunity to play sports.

"And if you want proof on how fun, cool and sexy curling is, just buy a calendar!" Keshen said.