Canada's luge team captured a silver medal in a World Cup relay in Altenberg, Germany, on Friday.

Calgary's Alex Gough, Sam Edney and brothers Chris and Mike Moffat finished just .748 seconds behind Germany on the challenging Altenberg track.

"It was an exciting day, and I just wanted to put it all out there and really enjoy it," said Edney, who was racing in his first World Cup relay. "It is definitely a unique experience, and it is completely unpredictable because any mistake by any team member can cost you.

"I think this is the future of our sport, and creating a team concept in a sport that is very individual will make it that much more exciting."

The German team of David Moller, Natalie Geisenberger, Tobias Wendl and Tobias Alt won gold in two minutes 26.737 seconds. Italy's David Mair, Sandra Gasparini, Christian Oberstolz and Patrick Gruber won the bronze.

The team competition consists of one female, one male and one doubles team, each of which completes one run for a combined time.