Canada in world curling playoffs

Team Canada beat Norway 9-8 in 11 ends to clinch the final playoff berth at the world women's curling championships in Grand Prairie, Alta.

Team Canada clinched the final playoff berth in dramatic fashion Thursday at the world women's curling championships in Grand Prairie, Alta.

Kelly Scott's Canadian foursome staged a remarkable comeback against former world champion Dordi Nordby of Norway, stealing a single point in the 11th end to win 9-8 and advance to the playoffs amid chants of "Go Canada Go!" at Canada Games Arena.

"We snuck in," Scott said. "It's good, it's nice and very rewarding for a very tough week.

"They never give up, those fans. Even when we were doubting it, they weren't and we really do appreciate how they've stuck by us all week."

Scott, from Kelowna, B.C., completed round-robin play with a 7-4 record and faces Andrea Schoepp of Germany (8-3) in Friday's 3-4 Page playoff.

Defending champion and Olympic gold medallist Anette Norberg of Sweden (10-1) holds the hammer in the 1-2 Page playoff versus Debbie McCormick of the United States (10-1).

"We're not going to do anything special," Norberg said. "We know we have to keep up our game and play well.

"We have met them before. They are quite a regular team and they don't do anything unexpected."

"We respect them, but we also know we can beat them," McCormick said of Sweden.

"We had a really close game against them in the round-robin. We really want to win that game."

Team Canada trailed Norway 6-2 before storming back with two in the seventh, three in the ninth on a sensational double-raise takeout and a steal of one in the 10th to force an extra end.

"There is added pressure," Scott admitted. "There's added focus and there's spotlight and we've always been a team that flies under the radar.

"Nobody knew who we were until December and it's been a long week having that on us every moment we step on the ice. Not that we dislike it, but it's different."

Canada lost 11-9 to Denmark in Thursday's morning draw.

Scott trailed 4-3 in the fifth when she wrecked on a guard, giving Danish vice-skip Madeleine Dupont a steal of three.

Scott then drew light in the sixth to concede four and fall behind 11-3.

"It went pretty bad, pretty quick," she said. "It's just one of those things and you just shake your head."

"I knew we had a chance to win if we did a good job, but it was so unexpected," said Dupont, serving as skip because Angelina Jensen suffered a miscarriage and returned to Denmark.

"It was crazy. I didn't think a Canadian team could miss a draw like that."

CBC Sports will broadcast Saturday's semi-final (11:30 a.m. EST) and Sunday's final (12:30 p.m. EST).

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