Hedo Turkoglu says he may stay in Toronto after all. ((Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images))

Hedo Turkoglu's impending exit from the Toronto Raptors may have been cancelled.

The disgruntled forward, who left the team's fans and management disappointed after his first season in Canada, told a Turkish TV station a month ago he wanted out.

Now ESPN is reporting Turkoglu has told the same outlet that things might be working out after all.

What caused the change, apparently, was a heart-to-heart in the player's native Turkey with new Raptors assistant coach P.J. Carlesimo.

"As a basketball player, my only goal is to perform at the highest level again," Turkoglu said in an interview translated by ESPN.

"I want to play in a system that fits me. I'm happy that Carlesimo is here, he's a good friend of mine since my [San Antonio] Spurs days."

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Some Friday updates from Chris Bosh's Twitter account:

"I'm up and at 'em! My shirt is starched and I'm ready for more business. NY Knicks are next"

"Congrats to @IamAmirJohnson on his new deal! He worked very hard last season and he deserves every penny. Proud of you bro! #freeagency"

"Just had dinner w @dwadeofficial. Great way to end day 1 of #freeagency although it feels like someone is missing...... http://say.ly/FrP2L8"

With star power forward Chris Bosh seemingly on his way out of town as a free agent, Turkoglu would become a featured part of the team's offence along with the recently resigned Amir Johnson.

Not being a featured player had frustrated Turkoglu, a 10-year veteran who has played in Sacramento, San Antonio and Orlando. His points per game dropped by almost five from the year before with the Magic.

It also didn't help that he seemed to mope at times and, in one highly publicized incident, went out to a club after telling the team he was too sick to play that night.

"Everybody makes mistakes, that's a fact," Turkoglu said.

"Both parties [Hedo and Raptors management] think that it's time to correct them. Toronto wants me back and to take the leading role.

"I'm happy that Carlesimo is here, and we will all see what summer brings. I don't have any problems with the city of Toronto or the Raptors. I want to be able to perform at the highest level."