Son of Julius Erving died of accidental drowning

Seminole County sheriff Don Eslinger ruled on Wednesday that the youngest son of basketball great Julius Erving died of accidental drowning when he drove his car into a retention pond.

Although small amounts of cocaine were found in Cory Erving's body, Eslinger said that he probably ingested the drug two or three days before the incident and it wouldn't have affected his driving ability.

The final report ends the investigation into Erving's mysterious disappearance and subsequent death two months ago.

In early June, Julius Erving notified the media of that his son was missing.

The last time he was seen was on May 29 by his co-workers at a restaurant caf. He was suppose to pick up some bread for a weekend cookout before he disappeared.

His body was found July 6 in a pond a kilometre from the Erving home.

Investigators determined that Cory was taking a shortcut home and although he had taken the route a number of times, piles of cut-down trees and underbrush obscured his view of the pond until it was too late.

The car was found with all four doors locked and the ignition on. The lights were off, indicating that the accident happened during the day.

It only took 3 minutes for the car to be completely submerged with water.

Erving said he still doesn't know why Erving wasn't able to escape from the vehicle.

"We don't have a theory," he said. "We cannot speculate on why he did not exit that vehicle."