#sidelines: King James and his powder

Athletes use Twitter. Not all of them, of course, but those who take the few moments to send a message/tweet often entertain and, occasionally, provide insight.

Athletes use Twitter. Not all of them, of course, but those who take the few moments to send a message/tweet often entertain and, occasionally, provide insight. (Although with only 140 characters there is only so much that can be said)

With that in mind, we're going to take a regular a look at some athlete tweets from a variety of sports that are worth reading, even if you still think a "tweet" is something a bird does when it's irate.

Disclaimer: Since we can't possibly write "sic" next to every misspelled word in the preceding tweets (or can we?), please consult your nearest acronym dictionary. It is Twitter, after all!

Last week, tweets far and wide were talking about Tiger Woods  and his arrival on Twitter. Since then, much of the buzz has been about LeBron James  and his return to Cleveland as a member of the Miami Heat on Thursday night. Players of all the major North American sports, not just basketball, decided to chime in with some supportive and also negative tweets. My personal favourites due to honesty or sheer outrageousness: Kirk Morrison, Jonny Flynn, Sean Singletary, C.J. Watson and, of course, Mo Williams. It was also fascinating how many athletes cared so much about LeBron's pre-game powder-throwing routine…

Here are the best of the best @KingJames:

@CharlesOakley34 (NBA — Retired) That's what Cleveland should be mad about. What was that. RT @JonesOnTheNBA: Too many Cavs players were clowning and joking around with LeBron last night. Not representative of their fans in stands.

mrLeCure (Sam LeCure — Cincinnati Reds) poor lebron, the whole country teams up against him :( what about the real problems we face as a nation? :) People of twitter, I'm not for or against lebron; I'm indifferent, try it sometime. Things aren't always black and white...MORE GREY!!

mogotti2  (Mo Williams — Cleveland Cavaliers) It's 5:30am. I still aint closed my eyes. Cleve deserved a win tonight. We let u down. But know that our hearts was out there also.LOVE YALL

KingJames (LeBron James — Miami Heat) Did a post game interview with Craig Sager and I mentioned "Greatness" and I didn't mean my self individually, I meant to say US as a TEAM working towards "Greatness". Anyways Great Team Win for US tonight!

J_Flynn (Jonny Flynn — Minnesota Timberwolves) My TL was tooooo funny tonight. Good laughs. "I'm taking my talents" to sleep now. Night world

SeanSingletary (Philadelphia 76ers) #TheMoralOfThisStoryis @kingjames > Cleveland Cavaliers

SeanSingletary It took years for #Lebron to build the Cleveland Cavalier Franchise.. N it has taken him 2hrs to destroy it...

DeionSanders (NFL — Retired)  I am so happy 4 Lebron I just pray he is proffessional in the press conference after. I've been in that situation, he's glad its almost over

LarryFitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals) Wow Lebron is ballin right now!!! Maybe this was the game the heat needed to get things back on track

ShaunPhillips95 (San Diego Chargers) Bron is busting the cavs a — I know they are feeling so stupid he's not even going to play in the forth qtr.

QBKILLA (Warren Sapp — NFL — Retired) Lebron Slapping Cleveland Silly!!! Where The Boos @ Now??

SteveSmithNY (New York Giants) Hahaha I bet the Heat don't even beat the scout team in practice by this much!! Lol

tj_ford (Indiana Pacers) Glad he did it … LBJ6 … Lmfao

tj_ford Why should Lebron be scared & he still lives in Akron.. Hope ppl don't think he won't move throughout the city in summer #homesweethome

tj_ford This shouldn't be consider a big game tonight . LeBron left so what, move on 

jermaineoneal (Boston Celtics) Seeing all the signs and hearing all the boos has to be hard for lebron after so many years of being there!

terrellowens (Cincinnati Bengals) It's pretty rowdy up n here!! These r sum loyal fans!!! LBJ doesn't look rattled @ all.

WillAnderson79 (NFL — Retired) Lebron will score 50 now that he didn't get shot while throwing powder in the air! He and NBA relieved 

realchriswebber (NBA — Retired) There aren't any more dogs in this world. Cavs bench laughing with dude that left y'all. Yeah that's funny. Grow some cajones... Anyway

JLupul (Joffrey Lupul - Anaheim Ducks) The Cavaliers laughing and joking w/ Lebron is enough to make me change the channel..... For good.

kerryrhodes (Arizona Cardinals) Lol the Lying King tshirt made for Lebron was the best!! Hilarious.

BizNasty2point0 (Paul Bissonnette — Phoenix Coyotes) Wonder what will be bigger. BizNasty's return to pittsburgh or lebron james back to cleveland?

quietstorm_32 (C.J. Watson - Chicago Bulls) If I was Lebron I wouldve bought every courtside seat possible and put my ppl in those seats to piss the owner off lol

BLKICE3 (Brandon Jennings — Milwaukee Bucks) ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HE DID IT!!!!!! THE CHALK!!!!!! hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha That's right let's get it

sj39 (Steven Jackson — St. Louis Rams) Yessss.... He threw up the powder

jcraw55 (Jordan Crawford — Atlanta Hawks) Bron I don't think it's a big deal if you do the powder thing tonite! Butthe way them fans is... I don't think you should do it tonite

ewill901 (Elliott Williams — Portland Trail Blazers) Is he gonna throw the powder

BLKICE3 I swear this feel like GAme 7 right now of the NBA finals

thurmanthomas (NFL — Retired) I still like BRON BRON

kirkmorrison55 (Jacksonville Jaguars) Lot of hype bout this basketball game 2night. Can't wait for Zydrunas Ilgauskas's return 2 Cleveland. I wonder how the fans will treat him?

jparencibia9 (Toronto Blue Jays) Everyone hates on him but ppl don't remember no one knew who the cavs were before him... Everyone in that town made more money cuz of him Big game … Hope lebron drops 60 points so people can just get over it already.... 

RickyRo24 (Ricky Romero — Toronto Blue Jays) @jparencibia9 Big game??? Who cares about Lebron and the Heat.

Remp82 (Chad Rempel — Toronto Argonauts) LeBron: Pls stop blaming ur coaches when faced w/adversity. U knew who ur head coach was when u started counting rings on stage when u signed

terrellowens Headed 2 Heat/Cavs game!! Whn it seems like the world & an entire city is against u, we all need a lift! I'm goin n support of my boy Kin…Here's a look at some other interesting non-LeBron athlete and sports-related tweets from the past week.

Dec. 3: 

valbure (NHL — Retired; Battle of the Blades season 2 winner) Going back to my hockey skates this morning. That should be fun :-) im not sure if i remember how to skate on them. Its been six months

Jay_Grossman (Sports Agent) #Preds Rinne to miss games due to injury, being examined by Drs. right now

stefanlegein (Adirondack Phantoms/Philadelphia Flyers) really respects sean avery, but really wants to cut him above his left eye with a right hook

kurt13warner (NFL — Retired) Just got into a limo & it wreaks! Oh my goodness, can a person's smell actually consume a whole SUV? Oh man, could it b me, NAH!

ochocinco (Chad Ochocinco — Cincinnati Bengals) Hustling is my girlfriend,failure is my ex,i am married to money but i am f--king the s--t out of success, be great by all means neccessary

ochocinco I've been sleeping with success but I've had an affair with this exotic dancer name Winning Games, we only been together twice though :(

WeHateTiny23 (Keith "Tiny" Gallon — NBA — Free Agent) I swear basketball is the Funnest BUT Hardest Job... But I'm Blessed to B doing this instead a 9-5

Dschrempf (Detlef Schrempf — NBA — Retired) Qatar for World Cup? Are you kidding me? All about $ NOW!

ReggieEvans30 (Toronto Raptors) to keep it real i feel good. they had me in the bed 4 about 2 days. i am ready to go back 2 T Dot and get in the weightroom so them girls can not push me over when i come back.

dahntay1 (Dahntay Jones — Indiana Pacers) Mike Vick for MVP

JesseLitsch (Toronto Blue Jays) I appreciate the #Jays having faith in me and giving me a shot for next season —

Dec. 2:

b_ryan9 (Bobby Ryan — Anaheim Ducks) Girl: hi, are you Bobby Ryan? Me: yeah, how are you? Girl: your flys down. FAIL.

kurt13warner Went 2 lunch w/ friend same place B went w/ friend, bought her a drink, passed her note w/ my #, told her she was cute … think she'll call?

kurt13warner Lady from the restaurant didn't call, now wondering if I gave her wrong #? Yeah, that must have been it! Why else wouldn't she call?

kurt13warner YES, she (beautiful lady from restaurant) finally called! 630 a.m., must have been thinking bout me all night! Knew she couldn't resist! LOL

ddockett (Darnell Dockett - Arizona Cardinals) GOODNIGHT!! Had a awesome day shoulder/leg/hand/and Groin feeling better time for a f--king WIN!! Let's have a good friday Nine-0. RogerDat

ddockett I'm studying the LSAT test for law school! This is harder than I thought!

ochocinco My level of pisstivity is at an all time high,with there being 10 levels of mad on the pisstification meter, I'm a 8,game is blacked out Sun

ochocinco Who is responsible for these mishaps when the games don't sell out, when soccer clubs aren't doing well their games still sell out, WTF!!!!

ochocinco Dear Cincinnati I'm purchasing the remaining tickets for Sundays game, blackout my a--, now anybody know how many I need ti buy n how much?

ochocinco Just got off the phone with management, im gone make this shhh happen, fingers crossed, we might be 2-9 but if i gotta play u gotta watch!!

Dec. 1:

NickBarnett (Green Bay Packers) Trying to sleep but my dog keeps farting!!! Am talking about grown man farts with sound and all!!!

thurmanthomas The lady called them the Toronto Timberwolves...(Bills), cuz they r moving.

ill_will_35 (Willie Pile — Toronto Argonauts) #Costco meal for $1.50 a full #Ikea breakfast for $0.99! What recession? I'll neva go hungry as long as I got loose change!

cochraneryan (Ryan Cochrane — Professional Canadian Swimmer) Just got asked if I was old enough to buy a lottery ticket. Really?

Deucez2 (Jovon Johnson — Winnipeg Blue Bombers) The NFL is becoming a flag football league soon lol

PaulMcCallum4 (BC Lions) Going to be another interesting off season....

ddockett I been playing football damn near all my life and I never been the one to point fingers at No one, ill point em at myself B4 I do that!

ddockett Its easy 4 the media/radio stations to find a story when ur not doing good but honestly they could kiss my a--! ill always have my team back

kerryrhodes I can't wait for my Duke bball team playing against Michigan st. 2nite!!! Could be a preview of the National championship.

DeionSanders Getting ready to do dis thang with Vick. I love this kid. There's a difference of somebody that's a good person that did something bad.

DeionSanders How my wifey gone tell me to tell Vick he's the most exciting player ever next to her man. I did it but it felt wrong tho. Truth

Nov. 30:

nflcommish (Roger Goodell — NFL Commissioner) congrats @drewbrees for being named SI's Sportsman of the Year. Great player on the field, even better man in his communities

AndrewGordon10 (Hershey Bears/Washington Capitals) It makes me sick to my stomach to read that someone broke in and robbed Pat Burns family at his wake. I cant believe someone could do that.

DeseanJackson10 (Philadelphia Eagles) Ima SELF MADE FROM THA BOTTOM UP!! Came from nuthn to something!! Don't try'n take my shine!! JACCPOT ENT CEO!! THE MOVEMENT IS NON STOP!!!!

ShaunPhillips95 A woman told me i was poetry in motion. I'm not sure how to take that.

Pitter20 (Riley Armstrong — Barys Astana of the KHL) What are the chances of running into johnny knoxville in moscow !

airblais (Ryan Blais — Professional Canadian skier) Really sick of these things!

brianmckeever (Professional Canadian paralympic cross-country skier) Just registered for the first race of the season this weekend, but if health doesn't improve soon, it's money wasted …Takin' it day by day.

EvanLysacek (Professional US figure skater) Congratulations to my fellow SI #Sportsman nominee @drewbrees. You are a great athlete and have done such amazing things for New Orleans.

ochocinco I wonder if these tweets are classy enough for the uptight folks following with no sense of humor and basically life for that mater?

ochocinco Can someone erase my last tweet please, i have a strange feeling i am gonna get ______i dont even want to say the word :(

ochocinco Someone hacked my account talking about the NFL and it's rules, man the hackers these days are good, geesh

ochocinco @nflcommish Dad my account was hacked for a matter of 5 minutes while i was cooking,just giving you a heads up,u raised me better than that

Nov. 28:


Jtootoo22 (Jordin Tootoo — Nashville Predators) I'm surpise avery faught me !

NHLShanny (Brendan Shanahan — NHL — Retired) Pat Burns was the assistant coach of our '87 National Jr team. It was a 10 day tournament yet since then, every time i ran into, he...treated me like a man that coached me for half my life. I wish i played for him in the NHL.

brownie_shelley (Shelley-Ann Brown — Professional Canadian bobsledder) Okay. #Rider fans, good fight. But the #Alouettes just straight EARNED that one!! GREAT game!

CNezzy (Christine Nesbitt — Professional Canadian speed skater) Today's 1500 was tough. Had a really good first 700m, and the rest was a fight. Happy to win such a close one! And the team pursuit was fun!

Nov. 27:

karlalzner (Washington Capitals) Anyone wanna hang out tomorrow after our game?