Celebrations outside TDBanknorth Garden before and after the Boston Celtics' 131-92 win over the Los Angeles Lakers resulted in 22 arrests. ((Bill Sikes/Associated Press))

One day after the Boston Celtics clinched their 17th NBA title, prosecutors say that 10 people were arraigned on charges related to crimes committed during post-game celebrations.

Boston Police arrested 22 people following the Celtics first title win in 22 seasons and 10 of those individuals were arraigned in local municipal court Wednesday. The majority were booked on charges of disorderly conduct.

Several storefront windows near TD Banknorth Garden were damaged after the Celtics' dominating 131-92 Game 6 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Boston-area teams have clinched several championships in recent years, which has resulted in rowdy celebrations on city streets. Previous championship wins from the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox have been marred by the deaths of revelers in post-game celebrations.

Police were better prepared following the Celtics' win, using increased patrols and video surveillance at key areas to control rowdiness.

Mayor Thomas Menino called Tuesday's offenders "punks" and called for tough penalties.

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