Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and coach Rick Carlisle were fined by the NBA on Friday for their actions after becoming upset with the officiating during a game earlier in the week.

Cuban was handed a US$75,000 penalty for his critical remarks about the officiating following a 95-86 home loss to Oklahoma City on Wednesday night.

Carlisle was fined $35,000 for kicking a ball into the stands with 9:34 left in the fourth quarter against the Thunder. He was ejected and apologized to Cuban and the fans right after the game.

"I think it's fair. It's irresponsible for a ball to go in the stands. You're subject to a fine," Carlisle said during the shootaround before Friday night's game against Indiana. "So I accept it and regret that the situation happened even though it was accidental."

Right after the game against the Thunder, Carlisle said the "incident where the ball got kicked into the stands, that can't happen."

Cuban was in Indianapolis for a Super Bowl event and not at the Mavericks' game Friday night.