The entire NBA and most of the known universe was waiting for LeBron James to make the first move, and now that he’s decided to return to Cleveland, don’t be surprised if the free-agent dominoes begin to fall across the league.  

Here’s a quick rundown of how The King’s choice impacts other stars around the NBA: 

Chris Bosh, F


Everyone thought that the former Raptor and ex-member of The Big Three was waiting on James before deciding whether he was going to take a massive four-year, $88-million US offer from the Houston Rockets. Instead, a few hours after LeBron made his move, Bosh re-signed with the Heat for an even bigger deal: five years at a reported $118 million US.

Carmelo Anthony, F


It looked like Anthony would re-sign with the New York Knicks, who are reportedly willing to give him a maximum five-year, $129-million US deal. Some reports also said that the L.A. Lakers and Chicago Bulls had an outside chance of landing him. But now that there is a LeBron-sized hole in Miami, that could be an attractive destination for the 30-year-old forward. 

Kevin Love, FC 


He might be Cleveland’s next target. The 25-year-old Minnesota power forward reportedly nixed a trade to Cleveland before the draft, but now that James is in the fold, the Cavs might try to trade some of their youngsters for the proven star. It makes sense if Cleveland wants to win now, but it might be bad news for Canadian first-overall pick Andrew Wiggins, who Minnesota could want as part of the deal. 

Andrew Wiggins, SF 


A trip to Minnesota might be in the cards for the Canadian superstar-in-the-making. Cleveland wants Kevin Love, LeBron presumably wants to play with Love, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks that the Timberwolves would give him up for anything less than the first overall pick. But, if Wiggins stays, he’ll get to develop under the tutelage of the best player in the league. Not bad company to be in. 

Dwyane Wade, G


Easily the man who stands to lose the most after LeBron’s Decision Part II. According to multiple reports, Wade hasn’t received any significant offers, and had to watch while the other two members of the former Big Three were courted with multiple bags of money. Though he's only 32, Wade looks like a shadow of his former self, so it's unclear who would be interested.

Guy selling LeBron T-shirts at Quicken Loans


He will be a millionaire in T-minus three months.