League Leaders

Rank Player PTS
1 Russell Westbrook 28.1
2 James Harden 27.4
3 LeBron James 25.3
Rank Player Assists
1 Chris Paul 10.2
2 John Wall 10.0
3 Ty Lawson 9.6
Rank Player Rebounds
1 DeAndre Jordan 15.0
2 Andre Drummond 13.5
3 DeMarcus Cousins 12.7
Rank Player Steals
1 Kawhi Leonard 2.31
2 Russell Westbrook 2.09
3 Tony Allen 2.05
Rank Player Blocks
1 Anthony Davis 2.94
2 Serge Ibaka 2.42
3 Rudy Gobert 2.30
Field Goal %
Rank Player Field Goal %
1 DeAndre Jordan .710
2 Jonas Valanciunas .572
3 Marcin Gortat .566

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    Player News

    • Dwight Howard, FC

      Howard had a double-double Saturday night.

    • Stephen Curry, G

      Curry was scintillating and sensational Saturday night to help the Warriors take a 3-0 lead in the Western Conference finals.

    • James Harden, GF

      Harden misfired early and often Saturday night.

    • Kyle Korver, GF

      Korver is done for the NBA playoffs because of an ankle injury, dealing another blow to a team that already trails Cleveland 2-0 in the Eastern Conference final. The Hawks announced Saturday that Korver has a severe high right ankle sprain. A foot and ankle specialist will determine the best court of treatment, but he definitely won't play again in the postseason.

    • Terrence Ross, GF

      Ross has had ankle surgery to remove bone spurs. The team says he had surgery in California on Friday, and he'll undergo rehabilitation in Toronto.

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