Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy, convicted in 2008 for his role in an NBA gambling scandal, was released from jail in Florida on Wednesday.

Disgraced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy is a free man after serving most of a 15-month sentence in a gambling scandal.

Pat Berdan, a consultant working with Donaghy, said he was released Wednesday from Hernando County Jail in Florida, where he had been held since August after officials said he violated travel restrictions while living at a halfway house in the Tampa area.

A New York judge sentenced the ex-referee in July 2008 after Donaghy admitted he took thousands of dollars from a professional gambler in exchange for inside tips on games — including games he worked.

The 42-year-old pleaded guilty to conspiracy to engage in wire fraud and transmitting betting information through interstate commerce in the tips-for-payoffs scheme.

During his stay in prison, Donaghy wrote a tell-all book called Blowing The Whistle, that does not yet have a publisher.

Random House said last week that it had decided not to go forward with publication of the book, which in excerpts posted online includes accusations of wagering between officials working games, favouritism toward star players, and desires by the league to extend playoff series.

The NBA has said it will review the allegations that appeared on the website deadspin.com.

Executive Prison Consultants, a consulting agency working with Donaghy, has said the former referee plans to live in the Sarasota area and seek a job in sales or marketing.