Alex Rios set a dubious franchise record by striking out in his last seven at-bats. ((Charles Krupa/Associated Press))

A day after enduring his most frustrating game of the season, Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Alex Rios apologized Friday for his tirade of profanity in response to a fan's insults, which was captured on YouTube.

The 33-second clip shows Rios walking to his car after leaving a gala for the franchise's foundation Thursday night where he was appearing to ignore a young fan's request for an autograph.

Standing to the right of Rios's car, an older fan shouted, "The way you played today Alex, you should be lucky someone wants your autograph."

Hours earlier, Rios struck out five times during the Blue Jays' 6-5 loss to the Los Angeles Angels at the Rogers Centre. While Rios shot back with expletives, the fan continued to chide the Puerto Rican player by calling him "a bum" and then reminded the athlete to "remember where you came from."

Rios, dressed in a tux, carried on cursing the fan before getting into his car.

"I want to apologize to my fans, to the team, to my teammates, because it was something I should never have done," Rios said prior to Toronto's game on Friday against the Kansas City Royals.

"It was a bad reaction from my side."

The incident only added to Rios's aggravation as he is in the midst of a 0-10 slump. Rios has also struck out in his last seven at-bats to set a dubious franchise record.

"It was a long day, I couldn't help the team win and it was just bad," said Rios. "You expect fans to follow you, because they obviously like the way you play, they like what you do. So I don't think it's their fault. I just lost my cool in that situation and it was bad."

Rios, 28, a two-time all-star, is one of the team's more popular players, but is concerned the video will affect his connection to the Toronto fans.

"That could give me a bad image, that's not the person I am. I just lost my cool," he said. "You shouldn't act like that, even if there are sites like [YouTube] or people following you, trying to make you say bad things. 

"You shouldn't act like that."

With files from The Canadian Press