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Unofficial Chicago Cubs mascot allegedly punches man

In a video posted to YouTube in April, "Billy Cub", the unofficial Chicago club's mascot, appeared to turn around and punch a man at a bar after the man removed his costume head.

MLB team reportedly suing

The Chicago Cubs unveiled Clark, their real mascot, earlier this year. (Steve Green/Chicago Cubs/Associated Press)

One man found out what happens when you poke the bear, and the bear reportedly found out what happens when you mess with the Cubs. 

In a video posted to YouTube in April, "Billy Cub", an unofficial Chicago mascot, allegedly turned around and punched a man at a bar after the man removed his costume head. 

And, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, the MLB club is none too happy its mascot is being impersonated and is suing a group of men for participating in "unsavoury actions," including the bar fight, the suit alleges. The suit also alleges the character made "rude, profane and derogatory remarks and gesticulations to patrons, ticket holders, fans or other individuals located in the area of Wrigley Field.”

Watch the incident below: 

The accompanying caption with the video claims the man taunted and provoked the unofficial mascot, and was there with a bachelor party. 

The team's actual official mascot, Clark, didn't sit too well with fans when it was unveiled earlier this year.

Either way, lesson learned is don't poke the bear.


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