Ceremonial first pitches in baseball: for the most part, they’ve been terrible this season.

From 50 Cent’s left-handed whiff, to Miss Texas’ ballerina-style, underhand botchery (hey, at least the crown stayed on her head), to the brilliant move of letting Milos Raonic serve up a tennis ball to home plate at Rogers Centre (the ball sailed by Blue Jays pitcher Mark Buehrle), it's been a bad year.

Finally, some sanity, courtesy of 13-year-old pitching sensation Mo’ne Davis, who last month became the first girl to win a Little League World Series game.

Davis threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium prior to the Los Angeles-Washington Nationals contest on Tuesday night.

After getting a rousing introduction from singer/actress Queen Latifah, Davis — in business-like fashion — walked to the mound and delivered a strike to Dodgers catch Drew Butera.

Davis has caught the imagination of several major leaguers, including many Dodgers players. Outfielder Yasiel Puig couldn’t wait to get Davis's autograph.

From one great to another: Davis meets Dodgers hurler Clayton Kershaw — baseball’s best pitcher.

During the broadcast, legendary announcer Vin Scully said this about Davis:

“A few minutes ago she went to the mound and got an ovation from the crowd here at Dodger Stadium. You may remember her. She knocked ‘em dead in the Little League World Series. Mo’ne Davis, and she threw a strike to Drew Butera to get the ballgame started. And she really got a wonderful reception here.

“The 13 year-old from Chicago. Great to have her here and it was a pleasure to watch her make that pitch.”

One problem: Davis is from Philadelphia.

Ah well, even the best make a mistake once in a while.