Major League Baseball's opening week stars

Optimism has filled the air in the first week of the Major League Baseball season, with several players grabbing headlines. Among them is Texas pitcher Yu Darvish, who almost tossed a perfect game against Houston. Check out other fine performances in our photo gallery.

Yu Darvish nearly perfect, Chris Davis packs a punch

In many major league cities, there was plenty of optimism in the air entering the first week of another baseball season.

Even in a 162-game season that spans six months, it never hurts to have good performances early on, both individually and as a team.

The gallery above highlights six players who have already enjoyed a banner first few games, and by week's end there will be 10 players featured.

But it’s hard to imagine anyone topping the near-perfect, 14-strikeout game thrown by Texas Rangers right-hander Yu Darvish (pictured above) on Tuesday.