And the Golden Globe goes to... Josh Donaldson.

The Toronto Blue Jay has made his debut on History Canada's Vikings β€” the first episode aired on Wednesday night. It may have only been one line but he nailed it.

Toronto fans couldn't contain their excitement:

The Blue Jays slugger made the trip across the ocean to Ireland to film an episode of Vikings on History Canada.

Apparently he's a big fan β€” can you tell? 

The Bringer of the Rain quickly transformed from a third baseman to Hoskuld, a Viking warrior.

Fans were eagerly awaited Donaldson's appearance on the Canadian-Irish drama. 

The Toronto Blue Jays also contributed to the ratings.

While History Canada  cleverly predicted Wednesday night's forecast. 

They call that a two-for-one special. Maybe Josh Donaldson found his true calling...once he retires from baseball of course.