Shea Hillenbrand, right, has hit 12 home runs this season with the Blue Jays. ((Pat Sullivan/Associated Press))

Following up on his promise to rid himself of Shea Hillenbrand, Toronto Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi traded the disgruntled infielder Friday night to the San Francisco Giants.

Ricciardi also shipped relief pitcher Vinnie Chulk to the Giants for reliever Jeremy Accardo.

Hillendbrand was designated for assignment Wednesday night after a series of events that led to a confrontation with Blue Jays manager John Gibbons.

While he was in the team's clubhouse, Hillenbrand wrote the words "Play for yourselves" and "This is a sinking ship" on the board.

The message prompted a clubhouse argument between Gibbons and Hillenbrand.

Gibbons reportedly challenged Hillenbrand to a fight in front of the team.

Hillenbrand then ripped the Jays' organization in an anger-filled tirade to reporters during batting practice.

Hillenbrand revealed his displeasure for not having a regular position and being used primarily as a designated hitter. He also claimed that management failed to congratulate him and his wife for adopting a baby girl.

Hillenbrand, who is making $5.8 million US this season, is batting .301 with 12 homers, 15 doubles and 39 RBI.

He'll likely take over the first base duties for the Giants.

Looking out for the team

''This team is really focused. It is built around veterans for a reason. To get something done sooner, than to have to wait in what I perceive to be a very slow market, hopefully bodes well,'' said Giants general manager Brian Sabean.

''I think the team will appreciate that we're putting this foot forward.''

Accardo has appeared in 38 games with the Giants this season, posting a 1-3 record with a 4.91 ERA and three saves.

The right-hander has given up 38 hits in 40.1 innings of work, while walking 11 and striking out 40.

Accardo made his major-league debut in 2005, playing in 28 games with a 1-5 record and a 3.94 ERA.

''I think the shocking part of it wore off a little bit ago,'' said Accardo. ''I'm going to go there and do what I can to help them win. I've got to leave here and the team that got me here [to the majors]. It's a tough thing leaving all my friends I came up with.''

Chulk, 27, had a 1-0 record with a 5.25 ERA in 20 games before being sent to Toronto's triple-A affiliate in Syracuse.

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