Indians sellout streak ends at 455

There was a baseball rarity at Jacobs Field on Wednesday night -- empty seats.

For the first time in 456 games, the Cleveland Indians didn't play in front of a sellout crowd at the Jake as the longest consecutive sellout streak in major league history ended at 455 games.

It had been 2,122 days since the Indians last non-sellout when a crowd of 36,363 fans watched the Indians beat the Detroit Tigers 3-2 on June 7, 1995.

The sellout streak began five days later against the Baltimore Orioles and came to a halt Wednesday night as only 32,763 turned out for the season's second home game against the Chicago White Sox.

During the streak, the Indians drew 19,324,248 fans to the Jake.

"I believe it's safe to say that this amazing feat of consecutive sellouts will never be matched," Indians owner Larry Dolan said. "I hope our fans take great pride in setting the standard in major league baseball."

The Portland Trail Blazers hold the NBA record for sellouts at 814 games. The Chicago Bulls' sellout streak ended this season at 610, and the New York Knicks have the league's longest active streak at 384.

Of the 526 regular-season games at Jacobs Field since it opened in 1994, 496 or 95 per cent, have been sellouts.