St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Darryl Kile died from blocked arteries, according to an autopsy performed by the Cook County medical examiner.

Dr. Edmund Donoghue, the county's chief medical examiner, said Tuesday that Kile died of natural causes.

Kile, who was 33, was found dead in his Chicago hotel room on June 22.

Toxicology tests showed evidence of marijuana use, but that apparently did not affect the death of the pitcher.

He also tested negative for alcohol, cocaine and steroids.

Kile had a heart condition called coronary atherosclerosis, commonly known as hardening of the arteries.

He had a 90 per cent blockage in two coronary arteries, supplying the heart.

Kile's father died in his mid-40s after a heart attack in 1993.

The Cubs announced Tuesday that the June 22nd contest, postponed due to the death of Kile, has been re-scheduled as part of a day/night doubleheader on Saturday, August 31st.

This is the first-ever day/night doubleheader at Wrigley Field.