B.C. Lions: Up close and personal

Canadian Olympian Kevin Light has been a B.C. Lions fan since he was six, when his dad took him to his first game in 1985. He recently got the chance to photograph the team he grew up watching and shares his thoughts on the game, the players and how he took the photos.

The last time I made a photo gallery for CBC, I was watching my rowing teammates win silver in the men's eight at the London Olympics. I have decided to retire from rowing after 12 years on the Canadian National Team, putting 100 per cent of my focus toward photography.

I have been a B.C. Lions fan since my Dad took me to my first game in 1985 when I was six. I wanted the opportunity to photograph the team that I grew up watching and share my thoughts on the game, the players, and how I took the photos.

Last Saturday morning I was on the ferry travelling to Vancouver to shoot my first B.C. football game with a tip I heard from a Sports Illustrated photographer on my mind: arrive early and stay late.