Remember when Tiger Woods, here showing love for The Open Championship trophy in 2006, was just an astonishingly talented golfer? If he comes back strong, people may quickly forget who he's been kissing. ((Matt Dunham/Associated Press file))

Here are 10 things we've learned so far from the Tiger Woods affair.

1. Tiger Woods is a heck of a player

The last time we saw Tiger on the fairways before the 2009 season was at the 2008 United States Open, where he won his 14th major tournament while basically playing on one leg.

After surgery on a torn ACL, Woods came back in 2009 to win six titles, though none of them were in the four majors. He had a second at the PGA and a pair of sixth-place finishes at the U.S. Open and British Open (The Open Championship).

That was still good enough to finish on top of the money rankings with over $10 million US earned, giving him better than $92 million in lifetime purses.

Still the best player on the planet.

2. Tiger Woods is a heck of a player

What we didn't know was that Woods was also racking up the scores elsewhere — allegedly more than a dozen at last count, if you believe the nightly cards being filled out on the entertainment shows.

Of course, Tiger hasn't actually admitted to any specific affair, only that he committed "transgressions."

What we do know, however, is that he's signed the wrong scorecard more than once.

3. A good caddy is like three brass monkeys

Tiger's caddy Steve Williams, after news of Tiger's "transgressions" hit the fan, was approached by a paper in New Zealand, where the bagman lives.

Williams says despite spending more time in private conversation with Tiger than anybody over the last decade, including possibly his wife, he saw nothing, heard nothing and would say nothing.

He also added that if he did know something he'd certainly say so, but there was nothing to say.

Steve Williams has Tiger's back.

4. Race is never far from the discussion in America

Just eight days after the car accident, Jesse Washington, a senior national columnist with The Associated Press, wrote a column headlined "Tiger's troubles widen his distance from blacks."

It might have seemed strange to the racially naive that a man venerated for being the first black man to break all the barriers in the previously lily white golf world might be perceived as having any "distance" at all.

Woods has long since labelled himself as Cablinasian (a combination of Caucasian, black, Indian and Asian — relating to his African American father and Asian mother and their backgrounds).

The point Washington was going for seemed to be that American black women, especially, have been mad at Woods for marrying a white, blond fashion model and now were madder still because a pattern was emerging of him reportedly choosing white, generally blond, mistresses.

His piece ended with this quote from comic Sheryl Underwood:

"The issue comes in when you choose something white because you think it's better," Underwood said. "And then you never date a black woman or a woman of colour or you never sample the greatness of the international buffet of human beings. If you never do that, we got a problem."

Tiger seems to have problems everywhere.

5. Hell hath no fury like a Swedish woman scorned

While many were less shocked Elin Nordegren is reportedly going the divorce route than about how long it took for her to decide, there was another cultural lesson that came by: Don't publicly humiliate a Swedish woman.

There has been a strong, but unproven, rumour that much of Tiger's physical injuries that sent him to the hospital might have come at the hands of his angry wife on that Nov. 27 night. Especially so in Sweden, where the editor in chief of the national daily Aftonbladet wrote in his personal blog: "Swing it again, Elin!"

Britta Svensson, a columnist in the newspaper Expressen, went further: "A week ago, Tiger and Elin were the cutest couple on the globe," Svensson wrote shortly after the reports of numerous mistresses started seeping out.

"Now our Swedish hearts are brimming with pride that our own Elin — not a regular nanny but the daughter of a Social Democratic minister and Swedish Radio journalist — didn't take any [expletive] … Elin is our heroine."

Tiger may want to skip the Scandinavian Masters tournament at Stockholm next July.

6. There's no hiding in the viral world

By the time Tiger hit a hedge, a fire hydrant and a tree while backing out of his driveway that fateful night, word had already leaked out through a tabloid that he'd had an affair.

Tiger's handlers decided the best approach was to deny it all and put out a scolding note on his website asking everyone to respect his privacy and leave his family alone.

Fat chance.

The viral world went crazy trying to work out what really happened and, combined with the ever increasing need for networks to break "news," the Tiger Woods Affair(s) suddenly gained enormous traction.

This story was on the front page of the New York papers more consecutive days than 9/11, for gosh sakes.

By the time Tiger came out to admit to "transgressions" it was too late. That dog would no longer hunt.

7. There's a reason why rich people shouldn't lease or borrow their cars

Tiger's now infamous Cadillac Escalade was apparently given to him as part of an ongoing deal with GM to have the superstar be seen driving around in the product.

So what's to happen with the smashed-up SUV now? Well, it ultimately gets fixed. And then it can be sold through regular auction by the company if it wishes to.

Now there's a conversation opener: "My SUV? Well, yes ... it has quite an interesting history you know ...."

Not quite up there with the limo John F. Kennedy was riding that day in Dallas (now at the Henry Ford Museum), but it's still a big piece of pop culture history.

8. There's a surprisingly thin line between hero and late night punch line

The same talk shows that used to beg Tiger's handlers to have him come on, have turned on him.

From Jay Leno: "And the latest one, there's now 10. This one works at a pancake house. Apparently Tiger likes pancakes. Not as much as he enjoys pigs in a blanket ...."

From Jimmy Fallon: "Today I got the new Tiger Woods advent calendar. It's really cool, each day it reveals a new mistress."

From Jay Leno: "What's the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa? Santa quits after three Hos."

And back to Fallon: "Now there are rumours of an alleged nude photo of Tiger, taken by one of his mistresses. I hear that even though you can't see Tiger's face in the pictures, you can tell it's him by how he grips his club."

Nowhere to hide.

9. Slogan writers should be a little more careful

It's nice to have an advertising slogan that tiptoes down the sexual innuendo line, but Nike's "Just Do It!" and Gatorade's "Is It In You?" are in a completely different context now, aren't they?

10. None of this is going to matter a hill of beans if Tiger comes roaring back

Just before the start of the 2009 baseball season, Alex Rodriguez was forced to admit he used steroids during his biggest years with the Texas Rangers.

Did it matter? Not after he hit 30 homers, added 100 runs batted in during the regular season and then led the New York Yankees to a World Series championship. Hardly anyone talks about the steroids anymore.

If Tiger comes back and wins a couple of majors this season, do you really think he's not going to be back on top of the world?