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Memorable 'I Quit' moments in sports

Posted: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 | 09:41 AM

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Roberto Duran, left, famously said Roberto Duran, left, famously said "no más" (no more) to the referee during this bout against "Sugar" Ray Leonard in 1980 in New Orleans. (File/Getty Images)

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Golfer Rory McIlroy is the newest member of an infamous group of athletes after walking off the course during the second round of the Honda Classic last Friday.
Rory McIlroy is the newest member of an infamous group of athletes after walking off the course during the second round of the Honda Classic last Friday.

The young Irish golf sensation put two shots in the water, was seven shots over and destined to miss the cut before he decided to give up on his eighth hole of the round.

McIlroy, who at the time attributed the decision to tooth pain, told Sports Illustrated that he regretted withdrawing and that it "was not the right thing to do." But, as you can see below, he wasn't the first (and likely won't be the last) athlete to throw in the towel.

John Daly - Nov. 10, 2011

The colourful golfer also decided to hang up his spikes early, but topped McIlroy in the sheer volume of balls sent into water hazards at the Australian Open.

After sinking seven consecutive balls into the drink in Sydney, he shook hands with his fellow golfers before leaving for the clubhouse:

Tour organizers weren't exactly thrilled with his explanation of why he quit, as per his Twitter account: "when u run out of balls u run out of balls.''

Daly reportedly shoved a cameraman during his walk off the course.

Carlos Zambrano - Aug. 12, 2011

After surrendering five home runs to the Atlanta Braves, Carlos Zambrano decided that enough was enough. He threw two inside pitches at the Braves' Chipper Jones before he was ejected.

While his team finished the game without him, Zambrano cleaned out his locker and took off, saying he was retiring.

As you can see from this incident a year before his walk-out, Zambrano has had some trouble with his temper:

Zambrano later apologized for his actions against Atlanta, but would never pitch for the Cubs again.

Oliver McCall - Feb. 7, 1997

By the fourth round of his fight with Lennox Lewis in Las Vegas, Oliver McCall couldn't even bother to lick the stamp as he mailed in his performance.

With no punches thrown by McCall, plenty of clinches, and McCall barely keeping his hands up, referee Mills Lane was forced to end the match in the fifth round after McCall would not defend himself.

Lane said after the match that he thought McCall was going to cry during the fight.

Roberto Duran - Nov. 25, 1980

In the second of three fights between Roberto Duran and "Sugar" Ray Leonard, Duran decided he had enough in the eighth round, telling the ref "no mas," meaning "no more" in Spanish.

Duran also lost the next fight between the two in 1989, but made it the full 12 rounds before losing the decision.

Soviet Red Army hockey team - Jan. 11, 1976

The Philadelphia Flyers were exactly the kind of host you could expect when the Red Army team showed up at the Spectrum for an exhibition in the Broad Street Bullies' heyday.

After a hit to star player Valeri Kharlamov and no penalty call, the Soviets decided enough was enough. Hockey Night In Canada's Bob Cole exclaimed, "They're going home!"

The team eventually returned to the ice to finish the game, a 4-1 loss to the Flyers.

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