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Which teams rely on their top 3? »

Which NHL teams have concentrated their firepower in their top scorers, and which clubs have a more spread out approach?

Pacific Pain »

The NHL's California teams -- the Ducks, Sharks and Kings -- are tough to beat at home, this Hockey Night in Canada infographic shows.

Comparing NHL trade deadlines »

The 2014 NHL trade deadline has passed. See how the number of moves made this year stacks up with previous deadline days in this Hockey Night in Canada infographic.

The puck stops here »

Ben Scrivens's 59-save shutout this week put the Oilers netminder among the holders of notable NHL goaltending records, this Hockey Night in Canada infographic shows.

The NHL's Iron Men »

With Henrik Sedin's NHL consecutive games streak coming to and end, this week's Hockey Night in Canada's infographic looks at the league's top iron men of all time.

Lloydminster's hockey heroes »

The Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada host city of Lloydminster has produced many NHL players, this week's Hockey Night in Canada infographic shows.

The NHL in 2013 »

This week's Hockey Night in Canada infographic looks back at the big NHL moments of the past year.

Team Canada goes coast to coast »

Canada's Olympic men's hockey team is made up of players from across the country. Find out which areas supply the most team members in this Hockey Night in Canada infographic.

Big House, Big Crowd »

The 2014 NHL Winter Classic between the Red Wings and Maple Leafs is expected to break the record for the most-attended hockey game ever, this Hockey Night in Canada infographic shows.

League of hard knocks »

NHL injuries data reveal an array of body parts hurt during play this season, this Hockey Night in Canada infographic shows.

Don Cherry: Sharp-dressed man »

Coach's Corner star Don Cherry's famously colourful suits cover a very wide range of styles, as this Hockey Night in Canada infographic shows.

Iconic Logos »

NHL logos for the current Canadian-based teams have gone through many changes over the years, as this Hockey Night in Canada infographic shows.

Steven Stamkos injury leaves void »

Steven Stamkos suffered a broken right tibia this week, robbing the NHL and the Canadian Olympic team of one of hockey's best and most consistent goal scorers.

Which NHL teams fight the most? »

NHL fighting is a hot topic, and this Hockey Night in Canada infographic shows which NHL teams fight the most and the least.

NHL Suspensions on the Rise »

NHL suspensions in the first month of the 2013-14 regular season show the league is on pace to shatter its 2013 suspension totals, as this Hockey Night in Canada infographic shows.

The Most Canadian Team in the NHL »

This Hockey Night in Canada infographic explores which NHL team is the "most Canadian" by charting the Canadian-born players on each club and comparing to the percentage of American-born players. The Toronto Maple Leafs turn out to be the league's "most Canadian" team.

Hot Spots: Senators vs. Penguins »

Heat-mapping all of the goals scored by the Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2013 season up until May 14th, we look for offensive trends, hot spots and dead zones.

NHL shutout leaders »

Active NHL goalies with the most shutouts, and all-time shutout leaders for Canadian franchises.

2013 NHL Trade Deadline »

A look at how the Canadian teams did during the 2013 NHL Trade Deadline.

Fighting in the NHL »

Comparing fighting majors and points for the seven.

NHL shootout masters »

The top teams, shooters and goalies in the NHL's shootout tiebreaker.

The Northeast Division »

How the Northeast Division foes have fared head-to-head since the 1998-99 season.

Maurice Richard Trophy winners »

Winners of the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy for the NHL's top goal scorer since 2006.

Crosby vs Ovechkin »

With Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin appearing on Hockey Night In Canada this weekend, we compare their stats and achievements since entering the NHL in 2005-06. We compare Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin's stats and achievements since entering the NHL in 2005-06.

Battle of Ontario »

How the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Senators -- the NHL's two Ontario-based teams -- stack up heading into Saturday's Hockey Night in Canada showdown.

NHL teams on the move »

Fans of both the Minnesota Wild and the Calgary Flames know there’s plenty of moving and shaking among NHL franchises. This graphic traces the flight of several NHL franchises in recent years.

P.K. Subban: Good bang for the buck? »

Breaking down the value of P.K. Subban's new contract with the Montreal Canadiens.

Martin Brodeur's lockout losses »

Martin Brodeur holds the all-time NHL records for games played by a goaltender, wins and shutouts. We calculated what Brodeur’s stats might look like, if the various lockouts didn't happen.

Stanley Cup: Canadian Content »

A look at how many times each Canadian NHL team has reached the post-season and Stanley Cup final from 1999-2012.

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