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Flyers sticking with Boucher for Game 2

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Brian Boucher, right, is getting the Game 2 start for Philadelphia in net despite being pulled for Sergei Bobrovsky, left, in the opener. (Tom Mihalek/Associated Press) Brian Boucher, right, is getting the Game 2 start for Philadelphia in net despite being pulled for Sergei Bobrovsky, left, in the opener. (Tom Mihalek/Associated Press)

By Tim Panaccio,

"Reserved calm" might be the best way to describe the Philadelphia Flyers as they enter tonight's Game 2 of their Eastern Conference semi-final series with the Boston Bruins.
The Flyers were pretty much gutted and put on the Bar-B-que pit in Saturday's 7-3 loss to open the series.
Capatin Mike Richards has always been one of the few players who seems to dismiss a loss immediately, even during the regular season, then move on. There is never any emotional carryover with him.
"I don't know, it's just one game," he said. "I don't think I can say much more than that.  At this point in the game, we are down 1-0 in the series. It doesn't matter how we got here, we just have to play better to get a win."
The key for the Flyers to tie this series in Game 2 are fairly simple: be more physical, protect the net like they did in the Buffalo series, and show some emotion.
The lack of emotion in Game 1 before a roaring, loud crowd was mystifying to some of the players as it was to the media. Then again, the Flyers were very much like that during their play at home in February and March.
"Well we've got to play harder and be more physical," Richards said. "We know how we need to play to have success.  It's not going to be easy. They are going to come out just as hard. 
"We need to try and take control of that game from the get go and put forth a better effort. In playoffs, whether you win or lose it doesn't matter you have to move on to the next game.
"We are going to have to make some adjustments and obviously play tighter defence.  Like I said, it's one game. You can't get discouraged, you have to be encouraged and come forth with a better effort."
Making contact

The Flyers had some contact with Bruins netminder Tim Thomas in Game 1. Nothing different from what they did in the Buffalo series with Ryan Miller.
Bruins coach Claude Julien wants the officials to be more aware of it, even though there was a call on Zac Rinaldo for interfering with Thomas.
Ironically, Rinaldo collided off the rush and off a Bruin into Thomas. It wasn't intentional.
"I mean, it's a playoff series, and there are a lot of fine lines and there are a lot of things," Julien said. "As a referee, one thing you don't want to do is overreact, but you still want to make sure that goaltenders are protected.
"And that goes both ways, I'm not talking about just a one-sided thing. And as coaches, as players, you have to understand that this is the playoffs and the intensity is obviously higher than it is in the regular season, there is a lot more at stake.
"So you can tell them to play, and we have to understand that and we can't come out whining and crying every time there is a little contact with your goaltender. But if it's past the rules and they feel they should call it, I think they have to. And I think so far I don't think I've seen much there that has really crossed the line."

Not in on it

David Krejci's line had six points in the opener for Boston. At least, two-thirds of it, did as Krejci and Nathan Horton got points.
Left wing Milan Lucic was shut out, although he skated pretty well.
"The reason we had more space and create more space is because it was our best skating game as a line," Lucic told "For me especially I thought I was moving my feet better and skating better. We were able to create speed and that's why we were able to get chances.

"The Flyers are a team that comes hard. There were a couple of times they got the puck in and came in hard with one guy, two guys, three guys and they're coming right at you. That's one thing they're probably going to pick up on and play that aggressive game. If you've got the ice then you've got to move the feet - and you've got to skate."
Counting the regular season, Lucic doesn't have a goal in 19 straight games. He said he vowed to make the playoffs different.
"I was so frustrated that it was getting hard for me to get up for the games," Lucic said. "I was just trying to get through that more than anything and get myself up for the games. It felt like I was in quicksand, and the harder I fought the deeper it got.
"Then I said to myself [this weekend] that I'm starting over with a clean slate. This is all I want to do. If I get a point or I don't, then whatever. I wanted to be more confident with the puck and move my feet, and I did that."

The Chara Monster 

Late in the third period, Danny Briere got a stick of the side of the head from Boston's Zdeno Chara, who was merely turning his body around in the crease.
Given Chara's size - six-foot-nine before skates, over seven feet when on-  with his stick in hand, when he turns, that stick at his waist level is at Briere's head.
There was no penalty assessed. Really, would another Flyer power play have made any difference at that point given they were 1 for 5 in the game?
To his credit, Briere did not overreact to the moment or even afterward.
Boston power-play woes

Bruins coach Claude Julien sure could use a healthy Marc Savard on that power play but that's not in the cards this series or this season.
The power play went 0-for-5 in Game 1 and remains 0-for-26 in the playoffs. Boston's seventh goal benefited from the man advantage, coming 10 seconds after a penalty had lapsed.
Any improvement, coach?
"I thought there were a few things better," Julien said. "And hopefully it continues to get that way. But it's just, we just need it going and I know right now, when your power play isn't going your PK has to be really good.
"And it has been. And it's unfortunate that goal late in the game, but I thought our penalty kill has done a decent job and has really survived a lack of scoring from our power play. But you hope that it's going to come, and I have a feeling it will. Hopefully sooner than later."
The Goalies

There is no starting goalie change here. Brian Boucher, pulled in Game 1, will again start Game 2.

"Yeah well I think there are only so many times you can make a change before you run out of nine lives, I guess," Boucher said. "You know, we made changes all the time in our lineup.  Guys just prepare. We don't think about those external things. For us, we just prepare.  Everybody has to prepare individually and collectively we got to go out there and do it as a group."

Tim Thomas remains in net for Boston. No change needed there. Yet.
In other morning skate news, Chris Pronger did not take to the ice. He will play in Game 2. He has a cold.

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