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Hockey Night in CanadaCrosby, Ovechkin would lose big money under NHL's offer

Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2012 | 02:56 PM

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A 13 per cent pay cut would cost Alex Ovechkin $1.28 million per year. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) A 13 per cent pay cut would cost Alex Ovechkin $1.28 million per year. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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We hear all the big numbers being thrown around in the NHL labour dispute, but here is what they could mean in actual pay for players ranging from Sidney Crosby to Tim Stapleton.
Alex Ovechkin ranted last weekend that most players won't return if salaries are "slashed" in the next collective agreement.

It wasn't the first time the Washington Capitals star made a remark like this since the lockout kicked into gear more than a month ago. But how his threat plays out remains to be seen.

Ovechkin's latest outburst came on the heels of the NHL proposal last week which, despite its "make whole" provision, would see player contracts reduced 13 per cent in order to get to a 50-50 hockey-related revenue split between owners and players.

So how much would a player like Ovechkin give up if the players agreed to this concept? Here's a glance at what the world would like for Ovechkin and nine other players if they had to take a 13 per cent cut in pay.


He has nine seasons and $88 million US, including 2012-13, remaining on his current contract, for an average salary of $9.78 million per year. That means his earnings would be reduced to $76.56 million, or $8.5 million a season. That's a loss of $1.28 million per year.

Sidney Crosby

The 12-year, $104-million extension that Sid the Kid signed in the summer doesn't begin until next season. With this season's salary, $7.5 million, added in, his $111.5-million - making for an average salary of $8.58 million - would be reduced to $97 million and $7.46 million, or $1.12 million per year.

Zach Parise and Ryan Suter

The friends inked identical $98-million, 13-year free-agent contracts with the Minnesota Wild in July. Each already has received a $10-million signing bonus, and is due $10 million up front next season and $5 million more in 2014-15. That leaves $83 million on their deals, which if slashed by 13 per cent would be reduced to $72.21 million.

Roberto Luongo

With his next destination unknown, the veteran goalie has 10 more years and $47.28 million remaining on his contract, for an average salary of $4.73 million. His pay would be reduced to $41.14 million, which would be $4.11 million per season. That amounts to a loss of $620,000 per season.

Jonathan Quick

With his performance in the Los Angeles Kings' run to the Stanley Cup championship last spring, the Conn Smythe Trophy winner was rewarded with a 10-year, $58-million extension that begins in 2013-14. His contract this season was worth $1.7 million. So his combined $59.7-million and $5.43-million average salary would be reduced to $51.94 million and a salary of $4.72 million. This comes to $710,000 per season.

Martin Brodeur

The 40-year-old goalie tested free agency, but wound up back with the New Jersey Devils after signing a two-year, $9-million contract, giving him a $4.5-million average salary. Brodeur's annual deal would be reduced to $3.92 million.

Max Pacioretty

The comeback player was given a six-year, $27-million extension on Aug. 13 that begins next season. He has a combined $28.75 million left on his contracts, which would give the Montreal Canadiens forward an average salary of $4.11 million for the next seven seasons. A 13 per cent reduction would put his total salary and annual salary at $25.01 million and $3.57 million, respectively. That's a $540,000 per-season drop.

Adam Henrique

The reigning Calder Trophy winner is in the final season of his entry-level contract that has an average salary of $854,166. Under the NHL's last proposal, the Devils' 22-year-old forward would make $743,124.

Tim Stapleton

He was one of the best bargains last year with the Winnipeg Jets. He earned the league-minimum $525,000 and yet checked in with 27 points. Stapleton is an unrestricted free agent, but if he made $525,000 his salary would be worth $456,750 under the NHL's latest proposal. That is a loss of $68,250.

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