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NHL Power RankingsNHL Power Rankings: Week 25

Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 | 06:12 PM

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Tomas Kopecky celebrates a goal for Florida, who are moving closer to wrapping up the Southeast Division. (J. Pat Carter/Associated Press) Tomas Kopecky celebrates a goal for Florida, who are moving closer to wrapping up the Southeast Division. (J. Pat Carter/Associated Press)

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The Pittsburgh Penguins did nothing to dislodge them from the top spot of our NHL Power Rankings, while the Florida Panthers growled their way up the assessment. Meanwhile, the Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators slipped down.

The Pittsburgh Penguins maintain occupancy in the top floor of our weekly NHL power rankings.

They have Sidney Crosby and Kris Letang back in the lineup and appear to be the team to beat in the Eastern Conference. Sure. they suffered a third-period slip up in Philadelphia against the Flyers, but it's difficult to ignore the 12-0-1 run the Penguins have compiled to push themselves to within a point of the conference-leading New York Rangers.

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Pittsburgh Penguins 1. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS (45-21-6) Do you have to ask after that dominating performance at home versus the Jets? (Last Week: 1)
St. Louis Blues 2. ST. LOUIS BLUES (46-19-8) First to 100 points and first to clinch a playoff spot. The amazing Blues continue to play well defensively and pile up victories. (Last Week: 2)
New York Rangers 3. NEW YORK RANGERS (45-20-7) Head coach John Tortorella may be fighting mad these days at his New Jersey counterpart Peter DeBoer, but his players seem exhausted with only five wins in previous 13 games. (Last Week: 3)
Philadelphia Flyers 4. PHILADELPHIA FLYERS (42-23-8) Goalie Ilya Bryzgalov has his teammates on track with a solid 8-2-1 run in March. (Last Week: 4)
5. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS (41-25-8) They're still without captain Jonathan Toews. Yet, the Blackhawks have reeled off four wins in a row. (Last Week: 10)
Vancouver Canucks 6. VANCOUVER CANUCKS (41-18-8) Losses to Montreal, Phoenix and Minnesota as well as a narrow victory over Columbus has the Canucks loyal fans scratching their heads. (Last Week: 5)
Nashville Predators 7. NASHVILLE PREDATORS (42-23-8) We'll see how quickly Alexander Radulov assimilates himself into their lineup after a four-year absence. (Last Week: 7)
Dallas Stars 8. DALLAS STARS (40-28-5) If Ottawa is the surprise team in the East, the Stars hold the title in the West. Michael Ryder is one of the reasons why with a career-high 32 goals. (Last Week: 8)
Florida Panthers 9. FLORIDA PANTHERS (36-23-13) With a five-game win streak, they are on the verge of ending their 10-season playoff-less streak. (Last Week: 16)
Boston Bruins 10. BOSTON BRUINS (42-27-3) The Stanley Cup champs have stopped a four-game losing streak with wins over Philadelphia and Toronto. (Last Week: 12)
11. NEW JERSEY DEVILS (42-27-5) Interesting start to their game against the Rangers on Monday, but they rebounded with a shutout victory in Ottawa the next night. (Last Week: 9)
Detroit Red Wings 12. DETROIT RED WINGS (44-25-4) Injuries have taken its toll on this veteran squad. As a result, the Red Wings have lost seven of their last eight outings. (Last Week: 6)
Los Angeles Kings 13. LOS ANGELES KINGS (36-25-12) The addition of Jeff Carter has his old teammate Mike Richards producing more. The Kings have produced, too, with five wins in a row. (Last Week: 13)
14. COLORADO AVALANCHE (40-30-5) The Avalanche has plucked 11 of 12 points with five of their last six games going into extra time. (Last Week: 15)
Ottawa Senators 15. OTTAWA SENATORS (37-27-10) The Senators have lost four of five, but remain a strong seventh in the East. (Last Week: 11)
16. PHOENIX COYOTES (36-26-12) No team has appeared in more shootouts than the Coyotes with 15. Too bad they have prevailed only six times in the penalty-shot contest. (Last Week: 14)
Buffalo Sabres 17. BUFFALO SABRES (30-28-8) They suffered a setback in Winnipeg, but the Sabres remain very much a challenger for a playoff spot in the East. (Last Week: 20)
Washington Capitals 18. WASHINGTON CAPITALS (34-29-10) They can do themselves a world of good with a win in regulation at home versus the Jets on Friday.(Last Week: 18)  
Calgary Flames 19. CALGARY FLAMES (34-26-14) The good vibrations of their five-game win streak earlier this month has been washed out with three losses in a row. (Last Week: 17)
20. SAN JOSE SHARKS (36-27-10) After back-to-back defeats to Anaheim and Los Angeles, the Sharks are in dangerous territory - 10th in the West - with nine games left. (Last Week: 21)
Winnipeg Jets 21. WINNIPEG JETS (34-31-8) Only the last-place Blue Jackets have fewer road wins than the Jets' 11 this season. The time to turn this around would be this week in Washington. (Last Week: 19)
Carolina Hurricanes 22. CAROLINA HURRICANES (29-29-15) Eric Staal has played much better in the second half and his play has been a big reason why the Hurricanes have won three in a row. (Last Week: 25)
Anaheim Ducks 23. ANAHEIM DUCKS (31-32-11) They have been reduced to a spoiler role down the stretch and made plenty of friends with a win over San Jose earlier this week. (Last Week: 23)
New York Islanders 24. NEW YORK ISLANDERS (30-32-11) The amazing Matt Moulson checked in with two goals against Toronto for a career-high 32 this year and 99 for his career. (Last Week: 24)
Tampa Bay Lightning 25. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING (32-33-7) Goaltending problems have cut down this team's hopes of a late-season run a playoff spot. That's why Tampa signed Sebastien Caron this week. (Last Week: 22)
Toronto Maple Leafs 26. TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS (32-34-8) Back-to-back wins were over-shadowed by one-sided losses to the Bruins and Islanders. (Last Week: 26)
Edmonton Oilers 27. EDMONTON OILERS (29-36-8) They have picked up seven of eight points in four games and surpassed the 62 points they checked in with in each of the last two seasons. (Last Week: 28)

28. MINNESOTA WILD (30-32-10) A 2-0 shutout victory from Josh Harding and the Wild gave its fans something to cheer about in this dismal second half. (Last Week: 29)

Montreal Canadiens 29. MONTREAL CANADIENS (28-32-13) They have lost three of four and could be in for a last-place finish in the East. (Last Week: 27)
Columbus Blue Jackets 30. COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS (23-43-7) The last-place Blue Jackets have dropped five of six, including a one-sided affair in Chicago. (Last Week: 29)

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