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CFL Power RankingsCFL Power Rankings: Week 18

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2012 | 09:16 PM

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Toronto's defence didn't embarrass itself and quarterback Ricky Ray, seen following through at Mosaic Stadium on Saturday, has the Argos pointing the right way heading into the playoffs. (Liam Richards/Canadian Press) Toronto's defence didn't embarrass itself and quarterback Ricky Ray, seen following through at Mosaic Stadium on Saturday, has the Argos pointing the right way heading into the playoffs. (Liam Richards/Canadian Press)

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The Calgary Stampeders seem to be peaking at the right time, the B.C. Lions can't afford to get complacement, and the Grey Cup host city's team doesn't seem as much of a longshot for the championship game, writes Malcolm Kelly.

Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League.

1. B.C. LIONS [Unchanged]
Overall record: 12-5
Streak: Lost 1

Not going to join the wo sind de lowen brigade after one bad game, because I know where they are - thinking ahead to the West final on Expo Boulevard. This is not a great place to be, however, as home and cooled too often can mean heading home earlier than you thought. Wally Buono looked like he was going to dive out the front of the spotter's box before the 1st half ended and strangle everyone himself. Backup Mike Reilly is finding out playing QB here is more than just keeping your ears warm, but he's still going to be a good one. Travis Lulay will return. Getting healthy now. Not to worry Lions fans, I'm sure they'll be fine. Pretty sure.
Overall record: 11-6
Streak: Won 3

Cruising along (a little too much in that fourth quarter) and preparing for the East final at McGill, the Larks are problem solving, most especially finding someone who can run the ball consistently with Brandon Whitaker out for the season. Still looking. Expect to see Anthony Calvillo for a half against Winnipeg because they have to keep him sharp. Yes, that's taking a chance, but AC is aging and missing games is not good for his consistency. Marc Trestman will be unhappy with his club's performance against Edmonton and will let them know. An extra week off with all of this team's bumps and bruises will be welcomed. Gives Shea Emry a chance to cool off.
Overall record: 11-6
Streak: Won 3

By the time everyone had found their seats, brushed off the moisture, put down the little cushion they brought and adjusted the blanket, the Stamps were so far in front of the Lions everyone could have left again and to get warm. This is a hot, hot team at the correct time and, better yet, there isn't a week off in Round 1 to take the edge off. They also have two QBs in Kevin Glenn and Drew Tate going "watch me, Huff, watch me," when they're on the field, so the offence will keep working hard through the final game against Edmonton. On the other hand, those two QBs might, methinks, become something of a distraction if a decision on starter doesn't come quickly.
Overall record: 7-10
Streak: Lost 2

I swear that was Matt Dunigan leading the Eskimos to three final quarter touchdowns in Montreal and almost pulling off a miracle comeback. 'Twas actually Matt Nichols, pride of Eastern Washington, who has been learning the league for three seasons and now has to (has to) be the choice to helm the green and gold on Friday night. If the Kitties beat Trawna on Thursday, Edmonton needs a win against Calgary. So, go for it. Defence has to get pressure on the QBs. And can someone please send Jerome Messam in at halfback and give him the ball? Players always say if they can have it in their own hands when it counts the most ... So, let's see what you do.
Overall record:8-9
Streak: Lost 3

Bad time for a losing streak from a team that is having trouble finishing drives. They won't be able to do that against Calgary in the West final. Can't rely on Sandro DeAngelis to kick six field goals for a win. Because he can't. Coming out cold against the Argonauts was rather shocking, given the importance of the game. Kory Sheets carried half the Toronto defence into the end zone for a touchdown this week, and should be given more of a chance to carry the Riders offence from here on in. May need a victory over B.C. to clinch third in the West.
Overall record: 8-9
Streak: Won 1

Same story as last week. Apparently, the only thing wrong with the Argo defence was a needed trip to the woodshed out there in Mississauga for a whuppin' and a talkin' to. Night and day better against the Riders in a tough road location for a win that clinched not only a playoff spot but a home date, if you please. Recall, this team won just six times last season. Chad Owens continues to astonish despite his hand injury. Ricky Ray, four TDs, drops passes in over receiver's shoulders like nobody else. Chad Kackert back healthy again and taking pressure off the overland game. Could they be back to a possible upset special in the East? Discuss.
7. HAMILTON TIGER-CATS [Down from 6]
Overall record:6-11
Streak: Won 1

So fitting it rained Cats and dogs at the Ivor Wynne abattoir on Saturday as the Kitties rumbled over the Bombers and bid adieu to that sewer of a stadium. Those great, loyal Hamilton fans have deserved better for years and now they'll get it with the new digs. Unfortunately, they have to put up with being homeless in 2013. Defence was great in this one, no surprise since Angelo Mosca probably threatened anyone who didn't play up to his standards when he met with the boys on the field beforehand. Still a real chance for the Cats. Beat Toronto on Thursday, pray for the Stamps to beat Edmonton on Friday.
Overall record: 5-12
Streak: Lost 1

Great stat from Kirk Penton of the local Sun: Bombers are now 0-9 after a win the week before, going back to last year. Momentum moved to the MTS Centre to watch the Jets (where he's currently sitting alone in the stands). News for the Bomber faithful - word around is the committee that runs this club is thinking of giving GM Joe Mack another run at it. So many questions, chief being what to do with interim coach Tim Burke, who looks like he's doing OK there. Oh, and Buck Pierce is hurt again. New defence. New QB. New attitude. New stadium. Lots to do.

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