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CFLCFL Power Rankings: Week 17

Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2012 | 03:07 PM

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Anthony Calvillo and the Montreal Alouettes have vaulted themselves into second spot in Malcolm Kelly's latest CFL Power Rankings. (Liam Richards/Canadian Press) Anthony Calvillo and the Montreal Alouettes have vaulted themselves into second spot in Malcolm Kelly's latest CFL Power Rankings. (Liam Richards/Canadian Press)

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Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League. In this week's Power Rankings, B.C. remains at the top of the pile, but the Montreal Alouettes are slowly creeping their way into contention while the Argonauts are in a downward spiral.
Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League.

1. B.C. LIONS [Unchanged]
Overall record: 12-4
Streak: Won 3

Must drive other GMs crazy the way Wally Buono and his scouts keep coming up with quarterbacks. Travis Lulay is yanked minutes before the game against Edmonton with a sore shoulder and in comes Mike Reilly for his first CFL start. Puts in an efficient 19-of-28, 276 yards, two TDs and a pick, plus 43 yards running. Reilly has a stronger arm than Lulay it seems from here, so he backs up the defenders a touch. Lulay will be fine, but once again, whacking the starter to get to the backup doesn't work on the coast.
Overall record: 10-6
Streak: Won 2

Montreal is pretty much out of healthy receivers so it's become the Anthony Calvillo to Jamel Richardson (8 catches, 161 yards) show. AC has his own solution, involving tucking the ball into that ancient body and running for his life, as he did twice for touchdowns against Saskatchewan. A good win on the road, but letting the Riders almost overcome a 20 point deficit in the fourth quarter can't happen again. Question about Shea Emry, and his junk punch on Brendon Labatte: How can such a talented player be such a moron? And, have you ever noticed the number of on-field morons who claim they aren't like that off the field? .
Overall record: 10-6
Streak: Won 2

On a night the offence was awful, Kevin Glenn was reminding Calgary fans of Bad Henry Burris on his worst nights (four interceptions and a fumble) and the snow teemed down, the Stamps clinched third place with a win they didn't deserve. Nice thing is, nobody will really care by kick-off time this week. Seven turnovers is one of those stats that falls into the "if we can cut that down we'll be fine" category, and it certainly isn't in the White Stallions' normal DNA. All the pieces are in play for an upset of B.C. in the West final, but they are also in place for an upset of the Stamps in the West semi. Must get sharper. Expect to see some of QB Drew Tate.
Overall record: 7-9
Streak: Lost 1

There's no sense judging a team by how they play against B.C. these days, given how far ahead of the league the Lions are. Still, Kerry Joseph's awful night (6-of-24, 146 yards, 1 TD and a pick) is not going to put a lot of confidence into the Commonwealth faithful. Not having a running game hurt. Edmonton has either a rotten final two game schedule, or a good one, depending on how you feel about playing teams who are home and dried. Montreal has clinched the East, Calgary has clinched second in the West. A win against either and Edmonton clinches a playoff spot.
Overall record:8-8
Streak: Lost 2

Hey, how great was that? The Riders trailed by 20 into the fourth and almost pulled off a win over Montreal to make the post-season. Hey, you guys missed the point. Those Riders never should have been trailing by 20 in such a big game. They woke up too late. Amazed more people in Regina aren't sea sick (an unusual affliction for the prairie) with the way these guys go up and down. Big holes in the secondary right now. Poorly timed penalties. And allowing three QB sprints for TDs is not a good sign. Worry they will waste receiver Weston Dressler's fine season.
Overall record: 5-11
Streak: Lost 3

Kitties played bravely in the snow of Calgary, and were in position to steal a win from the suddenly inept Stampeders until..."the bobbled snap." Not quite as serious as Tony Romo's with Dallas that cost them a playoff win, but it's still going to be remembered in Tiger Town for a while. Poor Andy Fantuz. Nothing has really gone right this year and then this happens to him. Killed a great night by the Hamilton defence that saw it pick off Kevin Glenn four times, and cause three other turnovers. May have killed a playoff chance. May have ended Bob O'Billovich's run as Cats GM. Tough times in the Hammer.
Overall record: 5-11
Streak: Won 1

By a convoluted route, Hamilton's loss to Calgary almost eliminated Winnipeg. Their only hope now is Edmonton loses twice and the Bombers win out. Big Blue looked pretty decent against Toronto, rushing for over 200 yards in a victory. Danger alert: Bomber fans should be wary of this team finishing strongly because it leaves the impression the only thing wrong with them is bad luck on the injury front, and thus no big changes are needed. This would be wrong. Don't let the administration get away with that. Money and time must be spent on defence, and finding a quarterback.
8. TORONTO ARGONAUTS [Down from 6]
Overall record: 7-9
Streak: Lost 3

A team in big, big trouble after losing five of six and with a defence that can't stop the run. Just as seriously is what's happened to Chad Owens, easily the Argos' best performer. He's playing with a cast on his left thumb that makes catching the ball possible (286 total yards in receiving, punt and kickoff returns), but holding on to it tough as heck. His two fumbles were key plays, and it's not his fault. He can't protect the football properly. Ricky Ray looked great on his return (20-of-33, 383 yards and four TDs after early rust), but it's not going to matter if they miss the playoffs. Need a win in the final two, or a loss each by Hamilton and Winnipeg.

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