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Posted: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 | 10:46 AM

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Is Bears quarterback Jay Cutler dangerously close to losing the respect of his teammates? (Joe Robbins/Getty Images) Is Bears quarterback Jay Cutler dangerously close to losing the respect of his teammates? (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

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In's Week 2 chatter, our guys discuss Jay Cutler lashing out at teammates, the surprising Arizona Cardinals, the strength of the NFC West and the controversy surrounding Bucs rookie head coach Greg Schiano.
In's Week 2 chatter, our guys discuss Jay Cutler lashing out at teammates, the surprising Arizona Cardinals, the strength of the NFC West and the controversy surrounding Bucs rookie head coach Greg Schiano.

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Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler was heavily criticized after he yelled, and then kind of shoved offensive lineman J'Marcus Webb following one of his sacks to the Green Bay Packers. How close is Cutler to losing the respect of his teammates?
Jesse Campigotto: He's as close to winning back the respect of his teammates as he is to losing it. That's the thing about Cutler: for all his arm strength and athletic ability, he's an up-and-down quarterback, much like almost every other QB not named Rodgers, Brady and Brees (and even those guys aren't off to the greatest starts). In Week 1 at home against Indy, Cutler threw for 333 yards, 2 TDs and an INT. In Week 2 on the road in Green Bay it was four picks, only one TD and 126 yards. This week Cutler and the Bears host the soft Rams' defence, so the Cutler narrative could be set to spin back in the other direction.

Tony Care: He will with a few more losses and more complaining. This is nothing new. Jays Cutler has been passing the buck since his college days at Vanderbilt. When you look at the loss to Green Bay and see Cutler's stat line - 7 sacks, 4 INTs - you might sympathize with him. But three of those four interceptions were on him, and some of those sacks were the result of Cutler holding on to the ball too long. I don't know what Cutler loves more: being the man behind centre when things are great or blaming his teammates during tough stretches.

Jason Davidson: In Cutler's defence, he was frustrated. Completing 11 of 27 passes and getting picked off four times will do that to you. Not to mention seven sacks. But if you're a QB looking to earn the disrespect of your teammates, this is how you do it. You don't shove one of the guys whose job is to give you more time in the pocket. Webb's response to the whole incident seemed to be pretty vague but you can tell he was indicating that Cutler could have used a little more composure in their sideline confrontation. He might want to curb his sulking a bit, too. The Bears host the St. Louis Rams this weekend. It will be interesting how Cutler and the O-line respond.

Heading into the game in New England as two-touchdown underdogs, the Arizona Cardinals stunned the Patriots to go 2-0. How were they able to pull the big upset?

Jason Davidson: Most would have thought that Stephen Gostkowski, 4-4 on field goals for the day, would have split the uprights with a 42-yarder in the final seconds but instead he pulls it left. The Pats thought they had the game won a few plays earlier when Danny Woodhead made it into the end zone on a 30-yard run. But that was negated by a holding call. Cards got away with one here, especially sophomore running back Ryan Williams who was exonerated from goat status following his fumble late in the fourth quarter, which gave the Patriots a chance. Kudos to backup pivot Kevin Kolb on his stellar performance, throwing for one TD and running in another.

Jesse Campigotto: Besides the good fortune of having Stephen Gostkowski shank a 42-yarder in the closing seconds? I was watching the Bills game at the time, but looking at the stat sheet afterwards I was puzzled. The Pats outgained the Cards in both total yardage (387 to 245) and yards per play (5.0 to 4.0) and they won the turnover battle 2-1. But it's interesting that Tom Brady was sacked four times to only one for Kevin Kolb. New England's offensive line has been banged up, so it'll be interesting to see how often Brady finds himself under pressure this season.

Tony Care: Let's remember that the only reason the Pats were in position to win the game was due to running back Ryan Williams's fumble with a little over a minute left while the Cardinals were attempting to run out the clock. The Cardinals have one of the most underrated defences in the NFL. Their front seven was aggressive from the onset, sacking Brady four times and pressuring him all day. Jets CB Darrelle Revis carries the title of league's best CB but that crown could go to Cards DB Patrick Peterson in the next year or two.

Viewed as a laughing stock for the last few years, every team in the NFC West has at least a win following the first two games of the season. Is this division being overlooked?

Tony Care: It's not surprising to me that this division is improved. Both Seattle and Arizona are vastly underrated but just ask Dallas and New England how good these two defences are. San Francisco is the best team in the NFL and you can already see how well the hiring of coach Jeff Fisher is paying off in St. Louis. You want to gauge how good this division is: look at the Patriots' schedule. They play the NFC West this year and if they finish 2-2, then you'll see the respect these four teams will receive.

Jesse Campigotto: I admit I didn't think either San Fran or Arizona would be unbeaten at this point (and with wins at Green Bay and New England to boot) but I did figure St. Louis would be an improved team. The Rams suffered an astounding amount of injuries last season, so they figured to be better simply by being more healthy. St. Louis could be 2-0 right now if they hadn't let that Week 1 game at Detroit slip away in the closing seconds.

Jason Davidson: I don't think so. The San Francisco 49ers are going to win this division. I just don't see the Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams or Seattle Seahawks competing in the long run. Yes, the Cards are 2-0 but only with a +4 differential. The Rams got away with one on Sunday, when Washington Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan was unable to keep his cool with cornerback Cortland Finnegan. Morgan took a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty that gave kicker Billy Cundiff the unenviable task of attempting a 62-yarder to tie the game, which he missed. A 47-yard attempt may very well have tied the game and changed the final result. With regards to the Seahawks, yes their special teams came up big against the Dallas Cowboys, but this doesn't make them a contender for the division crown.

With the game in hand, Giants QB Eli Manning took a knee to end the game against the Bucs. Trouble was rookie Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano had his defence jump across the line at Manning, causing an irate Giants coach Tom Coughlin to confront Schiano. So was Schiano out of line when he seemed unapologetic at his post-game conference?

Jesse Campigotto: Yeah, it was a bush-league move. I'll play armchair psychologist for a second: maybe Schiano feels insecure about being a rookie NFL head coach and is eager to prove that he's "tough" and "doesn't give up" and all that nonsense. That's fine, but it's not really helping your image to have your players bowling over the other team's line during a routine kneel-down.

Tony Care: I don't know what was worse, the actually stunt or Schiano's remarks. My favourite the line: "Watch Rutgers, they would know if they watched us that's what we did at the end of the game." Well Greg, this isn't college and NFL teams have long memories. I think Schiano has the potential to be a very good head coach, but actions, like the one he pulled against the Giants, won't endear him to anyone. He'll learn, though.

Jason Davidson: I think the Buccaneers rookie head coach was just angry that Eli Manning threw for over 500 yards. All kidding aside, I get the whole "play until the final whistle" approach but this game was over. When you go into victory formation, that's it. You let the QB take a knee and start shaking hands. Coughlin has reason to be upset but I will give Schiano credit for not backing down and defending his approach. But he needs to realize that he isn't coaching Rutgers anymore.

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