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CFL Power RankingsCFL Power Rankings: Week 12

Posted: Sunday, September 16, 2012 | 10:06 PM

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Travis Lulay and the B.C. Lions are back on top of our rankings after their second consecutive win. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press) Travis Lulay and the B.C. Lions are back on top of our rankings after their second consecutive win. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

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Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League.
Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League.

1. B.C. LIONS [Unchanged]
Overall record: 8-3
Streak: Won 2

Cliché alert: Now we've learned the only team that can beat the Lions right now are the Lions themselves. Three key turnovers kept the Argos in the game right to the end. While this was going on, the Lions were building up some impressive yards against a good defence, and being strong themselves on the other side of the ball. Worries? OK, let's toss one in there - in the fourth quarter the defence loosened up and allowed Ricky Ray to get on track. Nice to have problems like this, by the way, because it's solvable. Great to see Geroy Simon back with his six catches and 117 yards.
Overall record: 7-4
Streak: Won 4

White Stallions are at full gallop now after three weeks playing the B side of the CFL. And they have two more of those coming up before running into B.C. again. LaMarcus Coker (5-for-79) did a nice job spelling Jon Cornish from the backfield as the latter gained just 53 yards on 15 carries. When they needed snot-knocker yards, however, Cornish was there for two TDs. Nik Lewis and his 10,000-plus career catching total is a force of nature, despite that little tummy in the front there. You just can't take your eyes off him. Stamps could be at 9-4 by Week 15.
Overall record: 7-4
Streak: Won 1

Strangest second half for this offence all season. The sharp and smart outfit from the first 30 minutes against Saskatchewan sputtered and ground like a rusty '69 Matador through the second. Why it happened is something for coach Marc Trestman to work out, but the effect is a continued erosion of the idea that winning in Montreal is a slim chance for visitors. Bad timing as well because Toronto is coming in to play for first place in the East. RB Brandon Whittaker was terrific in this game but how long will that knee injury keep him out?
Overall record: 6-5
Streak: Lost 1

Not going to worry about the Argo offence taking three quarters to find the range against the league's best team. Great they were in a position to win in the final seconds. Am going to worry about the missing Chad Kackert and his leg injury. Toronto needs him back pronto, and it could be this week. Am going to worry about the ridiculous number of penalties this team is taking, keeping opposing drives going and killing its own. Coach Scott Milanovich came in saying his No. 1 job was to instil discipline. Now would be a good time.
Overall record: 5-6
Streak: Lost 1

Drew Willy played like a rookie QB again in Montreal, certainly, but he also showed there's some talent there. Problem, however, is this isn't the time for the Riders to be breaking this guy in if it's not necessary. If Darian Durant is ready to go for the next game, you play him. Riders' defence is finding itself now and was strong against Montreal, a game Saskatchewan could have won with a few less mistakes (including those four turnovers). Three weeks ago they looked like gophers (sorry, Gainer), now they have teeth again. Stay tuned.
6. EDMONTON ESKIMOS [Down from 5]
Overall record: 5-6
Streak: Lost 3

Everyone wants to talk about the QB situation (Kerry Joseph? Steven Jyles? Matt Nichols?). And the five sacks allowed. And all the turnovers. But, let's chat defence. Yes, they've suffered a lot of injuries, especially along the front there, but more than 550 yards allowed to Hamilton? Over 400 yards passing by Henry Burris? Two of the last three games have not been good for a unit that really should be among the league's best. Now back to offence. Pick a starting QB. Pick a starting RB. Let's go.
Overall record: 4-7
Streak: Won 1

No idea if this means the Kitties have their claws back, but for one day they looked like the team we thought they'd be. Smilin' Henry Burris had a good outing, apart from the picks, and RB Avon Cobourne showed some flashes of his old self on the way to 121 yards on 18 carries. Best of all, the defence, with a couple of new faces traded in, had some jump to it, keeping a heavy rush on the Eskimos all day. A playoff spot for Hamilton looks a distinct possibility again.
Overall record: 2-9
Streak: Lost 4

Before Paul LaPolice was fired, the team wasn't winning much (2-6) but it was competitive for the most part. Now, it isn't winning at all and stinks. It's GM Joe Mack's world and the great Bomber fans are only living in it.

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