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CFLCFL Power Rankings: Week 11

Posted: Sunday, September 9, 2012 | 10:52 PM

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B.C. Lions receiver Nick Moore had six catches for 64 yards and one touchdown against the Montreal Alouettes in Week 11. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press) B.C. Lions receiver Nick Moore had six catches for 64 yards and one touchdown against the Montreal Alouettes in Week 11. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

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Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League.
Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League.

1. B.C. LIONS [Up from 2]
Overall record: 7-3
Streak: Won 1

Let's see, the offence was great, the defence was great, and if it hadn't been for a porous kick coverage squad, this would have been a near perfect outing against Montreal at home. What strikes you is the way young players are starting to make a name for themselves in orange, including receivers Marco Iannuzzi and Nick Moore, the latter with six catches and a nice TD. Working the newcomers in while still winning is something Montreal has done for years. Receiver Geroy Simon is nursing injuries and didn't play.
Overall record: 6-4
Streak: Lost 1

Montreal hasn't won in B.C. for a dozen years, but I've never seen that kind of stat as an excuse for not doing well at any specific time. Last year was so 2011. B.C. exposed the Alouettes weaknesses on defence, especially in the backfield, though giving up more than 175 yards on the ground was a bit of a surprise because the front seven has been the strength of the unit. The successful trick play to onside receivers off the field goal try was neat, but is that an indication the Als think they need gimmicks to beat the Lions? Remember, though, Montreal doesn't have to beat B.C. regularly to win the Grey Cup. Only once.
Overall record: 6-4
Streak: Won 3

Jon Cornish, this column's pre-season choice for league most outstanding player, is coming around now after an uninspiring first half. He's been well over 100 yards in three of the last five games, and piled up 185 yards on 16 carries against the Eskimos. This is crucial because QB Kevin Glenn is what he's always been - at times spectacular but always inconsistent. The defence was solid, allowing yards but tightened when needed. Having said that, letting the Eskimos march down the field for what should have been the winning field goal was poorly timed. Especially that 3rd and 18.
Overall record: 6-4
Streak: Won 2

Chad Kackert is now emerging as the all-purpose running back (who can block) Argo management thought they had when Cory Boyd was cut. He had a strong outing against a porous Hamilton defence, rushing for 172 yards and adding 67 on six catches, plus three TDs. Now, defences have a big problem because they can't just focus on Chad Owens. Something you may not have noticed is the effect new receivers Ken-Yon Rambo and Maurice Mann had, giving Ricky Ray more options that make sense. Now on to B.C. and Montreal. Let's see what the Double Blue have.
5. EDMONTON ESKIMOS [Down from 4]
Overall record: 5-5
Streak: Lost 2

This talented defence is starting to loosen up a bit, especially on the ground, and that has to stop. Jerome Messam returns to the backfield but will take a while to get re-acclimated. Hugh Charles is doing everything he can to show he should keep his job by catching as well as running. Cory Boyd is odd-man out and will likely stay that way. Over to quarterback, where the ancient one, Kerry Joseph, is starting in front of the previously anointed one, Steven Jyles. Neither is that good, really, so it's kind of a toss up. Back over to you, defence.
Overall record: 5-5
Streak: Won 2

Even in the pass happy CFL, a running game is the key to victory no matter how you get it, so you have to pat the Riders on the butt for their 150-plus yards against the Bombers put together by two backs and two QBs. Now, now, I can hear you all chortling that the Green and White have built this little win streak against the Winnipeggers, but I'd counter by pointing out two straight is two straight. Backup pivot Drew Willy did a nice job coming in for Darian Durant (17-23, 188 yards, 1 TD, 1 pick), but he sure looked like a raw rookie, running around and around and around instead of dumping the ball.
Overall record: 2-8
Streak: Lost 3

Every week is the same. The story is not the players, but everyone else. This time it's rookie head coach Tim Burke's decision not to go for a makeable field goal with time running out that could have put the Bombers up by four. Instead, Burke went for a coffin corner punt that sailed into the end zone for a single and may have been another shovel that will bury GM Joe Mack. This team is desperately trying not to lose, and that always guarantees you don't win. Winnipeg was much better this week, however, thus the move upwards.
8. HAMILTON TIGER-CATS [Down from 7]
Overall record: 3-7
Streak: Lost 5

This defence is awful, tossing up fur balls all over the place. Consider these numbers: 27, 24, 34. That's how many points the Cats gave up in their three wins, for gosh sakes. And you wonder why the offence, under Henry Burris, always looks desperate. When your defenders are giving up almost 34 points a game,it's bombs away and hope for the best. Where is Andy Fantuz? Is he still showing the effects of a big hit taken earlier in the season? And the Argos shut returner Chris Williams down completely. We could go on and on, but speaking as the guy who picked this mess to win the East, it's depressing.

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