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CFL Power RankingsCFL Power Rankings: Week 10

Posted: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 | 01:31 PM

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Chad Owens (2) had a monster outing, but it failed to boost Toronto in the power rankings. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press) Chad Owens (2) had a monster outing, but it failed to boost Toronto in the power rankings. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press)

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Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League.
Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League.

Overall record: 6-3
Streak: Won 4

What a great game that was, pitting the surging Als against the flying Lions, with the Larks coming out on top. "Encore," they yelled at Stade McGill. And the CFL obliges with a return match this week out on the Left Coast. Both teams had to grind it out against the other, looking for a hole here, an opening there, anything that might work. Chess from beginning to end. Anthony Calvillo threw for over 300 yards for the eighth straight game, a league record, but this had to be the hardest of those outings. LB Chip Cox had 10 tackles for the Als.
2. B.C. LIONS [Down from 1]
Overall record: 6-3
Streak: Lost 1

Nobody likes to lose, but going down in such a contest as last Friday's is OK. Now if the Lions lose the rematch, that's a different thing. QB Travis Lulay, who has taken criticism here, was 24-29, 275 yards, two TDs and looked poised against an Als defence that finally (finally!) is playing well. With many of his regular targets closed down, Lulay went to WR Arland Bruce, who grabbed six balls for his best outing of the year plus two nice TDs. Tim Brown kept his name in the conversation (with Hamilton's Chris Williams and Toronto's Chad Owens) as a star returner, piling up 260 yards.
Overall record: 5-4
Streak: Won 2

O young Lochinvar is come out of the West ... QB Kevin Glenn isn't young or a knight or Scottish and I don't know if he can actually ride a steed, but Sir Walter Scott would like him, I think. Glenn is one of the under-reported stories of the first half, dragging his 33-year-old bones off the bench when Drew Tate went down in Week 2 and keeping the ship afloat. Against a tough Edmonton defence, he was 23-30, 273 yards, 2 TDs. Yes, there were a pair o' picks (one that could have killed 'em), but he's hanging in there. Calgary scored 24 big points in the second half as the West turns back into a tangled weave.
4. EDMONTON ESKIMOS [Down from 2]
Overall record: 5-4
Streak: Lost 1

Conversation somewhere in the coming weeks between head coach Kavis Reed and talented defender/returner Joe Burnett, who wrecked a comeback chance with a brain cramp (second in two games) against Calgary. REED: "Hey, Joe. Look at me. Right in my eyes..." (Puts both hands on both shoulders of player). "We're late in the game and we need field position. If this kick is into the end zone and you catch it, put your knee down and concede the single. You got that?" BURNETT: "Yes, sir." REED: "You've really, really, really got that?" BURNETT: "Yes, sir." REED: "Cross your heart and hope to be traded to Winnipeg?"
Overall record: 5-4
Streak: Won 1

Toronto's offence finally came together in the fourth quarter to beat Hamilton. Now, let us wax eloquent about Chad Owens. Pinball Jr. The Return of Little Mike. Everybody's All-Hawaiian. Larry Taylor had more yards in Week 2 (441), but all but 13 of that were on returns. Owens had 226 returning in the Hammer, but added 11 catches for 176 yards and a TD. He's the whole package. If he gets hurt, Toronto's done. And there's character, too. I was reading him his stats in the black hole of a visiting room at Ivor Wynne and he stopped me to point out there were also two fumbles that hurt the team. He was mad at himself. That's a pro.
Overall record: 4-5
Streak: Won 1

Quick note to the guy who tweeted that the real Riders are back. Look, fella, this was the Bombers they were playing. Having said that, kudos (I am wearing a green-and-white Mexican wrestler's mask) for blasting Winnipeg in an outstanding effort that saw all facets of the game line up perfectly. Darian Durant was cruising along at QB when he took a big hit and in came Drew Willy, who had a nice outing. Durant will be back. Kory Sheets ran for 106 yards, a huge deal since the Riders must run to be successful.
7. HAMILTON TIGER-CATS [Down from 6]
Overall record: 3-6
Streak: Lost 4

Oh gosh, I don't know. The Ticats played well for three quarters and had the Labour Day Classic in the bag before throwing it all away -- and not just with the Pick 6 by Henry Burris (13-30, 218 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INT) that turned the game. It's usually the third period that does these kitties in, only this time they gave up 22 in the final 15 minutes. Chris Williams ran his CFL record sixth ball back for a TD, but he only had one grab as a receiver and that has to be more. RB Chevon Walker returned to the backfield and had 111 yards, so that's a positive.
Overall record: 2-7
Streak: Lost 2

Let us not pile dirt on GM Joe Mack and his horrible defence, the one he dismantled over the winter and rebuilt into, um... anyway, let us look at some positives around the Bombers after a 52-0 loss to the Riders, who themselves had lost five straight. They turned the ball over but three times. Could have been worse. They somehow found a way to complete 14 passes. Mike Renaud was able to launch some nice punts, despite what must have been tired legs since he was under a huge rush all game. See? Positives are possible. Everyone gets a trophy for showing up. No zeros allowed.

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