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NFLNFL Roundtable: Week 12 recap

Posted: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 | 11:43 AM

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Bills receiver Stevie Johnson earned an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for mocking the Jets' Plaxico Burress. (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images) Bills receiver Stevie Johnson earned an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for mocking the Jets' Plaxico Burress. (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

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In this week's NFL chatter, the guys share their thoughts on the antics of Stevie Johnson and Ndamukong Suh, propose some quarterback alternatives for the Texans, and lament the demise of the Chargers.
In this week's NFL chatter, the guys share their thoughts on the antics of Stevie Johnson and Ndamukong Suh, propose some quarterback alternatives for the Texans, and lament the demise of the Chargers.

After scoring an early touchdown, Bills receiver Stevie Johnson pretended to shoot himself in the leg in celebration. He was obviously mocking New York receiver Plaxico Burress, who spent 20 months in prison for an illegal weapons charge after he accidentally shot himself in the leg. Did Johnson cross the line?

Jesse Campigotto: No. When you shoot yourself in the leg, people get to make fun of you. And when you drop a key pass as your team is driving for a go-ahead TD after you make fun of a guy for shooting himself in the leg, people get to make fun of you. Which is exactly what's happening now to Johnson. Oh, and nice to see Bob Costas has filled the role of America's Favourite Old Curmudgeon after the death of Andy Rooney.

Jason Davidson: I was on the fence on this one but the more I watched it, the more I laughed. Had Burress not done something so ridiculously irresponsible, this never would have happened in the first place. Unfortunately for Stevie Johnson, he will likely get fined for his gesture as the NFL prohibits players from making gestures with simulated weapons. Yes, that's a real rule. In either case, Johnson has texted Burress to apologize, so "everything's cool" between the two wide receivers. Jesse, just be glad Joe Buck wasn't calling that game. Remember Randy Moss pretending to "moon" the Green Bay Packers faithful?

Tony Care:
I have no problem with what he did. In fact, I got a chuckle out of it. The thing is everything else went wrong for Stevie from that point on. The Bills got flagged 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff. Dave Rayner muffs the kick, which sets up New York inside Bills' territory to tie it up late in the first half. Then Johnson drops a pair of potential game-winning touchdowns on Buffalo's final drive. You could argue Johnson's celebration backfired on himself and his team.
Lions DT Ndamukong Suh stomped on the arm of Packers offensive guard Evan Dietrich-Smith on U.S. Thanksgiving last Thursday. This is the latest in what's becoming a long list of after-the-whistle infractions for Suh, who was suspended for two games by the NFL. Does Suh need to change the way he plays?

Tony Care: I don't know what was more comical: his defiance following the game or his apology on Sunday. I always love players that compete with an edge. That part shouldn't change in Suh's game. What he needs to understand, though, is his ridiculous stomp cost the playoff-hopeful Lions their best player for two games. Head coach Jim Schwartz needs to rein in the big fella before this gets completely out of hand.   

Jesse Campigotto:
Suh just needs to change the way he (non)apologizes for stuff. That post-game press conference was hilarious. Um, Mr. Suh (I'm addressing you with respect because your left thigh weighs more than my entire body), they have this thing now called video replay. We saw what you did. You were not just trying to disentangle yourself. Please, stop it. The Detroit car companies need you around to make more of those better-than-pretty-much-every-other-car-commercial-even-though-that's-not-saying-much commercials.

Jason Davison: That was classless on all accounts from Suh, and yes, he does need to change the way he plays. How many times can you keep doing this post-whistle and non-apologizing during post-game pressers? You could tell that Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz wasn't buying one iota of what Suh was trying to tell him on the sidelines right after the play. It's becoming a tired act from Suh, and some supplementary discipline from the league is very much in order. You don't stomp opponents on the football field!

For the second time in three weeks, the Houston Texans lost a starting quarterback. This time, backup Matt Leinart was lost for the season with a broken collarbone. The Texans still beat Jacksonville and lead the AFC with an 8-3 record. But can this team survive with rookie T.J.Yates or will they have to bring in someone else?

Jesse Campigotto:
Brett Favre? Are you out there? Take off the Wranglers, tell your dog to break off that go route, and pick up the phone. Houston needs you! And how about Leinart? All that MMA training he supposedly did, and they never taught him how to prevent his collarbone from shattering? On the bright side, he's got so much more time now for hot-tubbing.

Jason Davidson: Never mind Brett Favre, how about Kurt Warner? And you gotta feel for Leinart, who's got no luck at all when it comes to injuries. I can't help but see this as the beginning of the end for the Texans. Yeah, they have a two-game cushion over the Tennessee Titans atop the AFC South, but we're talking about a fifth-round rookie out of North Carolina. Yates completed eight of 15 passes for 70 yards in relief of Leinart in Sunday's 20-13 win over the Jaguars in Jacksonville. Not sold on him, but then again, he was a third stringer at the beginning of the season. This division just might come down to Week 17 when the Titans face the Texans at Reliant Stadium.

Tony Care: At least this will give Leinart more time to try his pickup lines on those Texans cheerleaders. These are desperate times for the Texans, and as crazy as it sounds, I'd go out and get Jeff Garcia. Before some of you accuse me of smoking one of Mother Nature's concoctions, consider this: Garcia knows this offence as well as any quarterback out there. Plus, he'll be surrounded by some of the most talented offensive weapons in the NFL.

With seven losses, the San Diego Chargers can pretty well kiss any playoff appearance this year good-bye. So who should get most of the blame for another failed season in San Diego?

Jason Davison: I'm just surprised that head coach Norv Turner didn't resign on Monday. I guess he's hoping for some miraculous five-game winning streak to maybe win the division and keep his job. What a debacle in San Diego. And again, as I've already pointed out a few times this year, I did not pick the Bolts to come out of the AFC (though I did pick them to win the AFC West). Philip Rivers, who I always thought was overrated, hasn't been getting the job done. But it's not entirely his and coach Turner's fault. Injuries have hurt this team big time. Looks like the Oakland Raiders could be playoff-bound for the first time in almost a decade.

Jesse Campigotto: I blame myself for picking them to win the Super Bowl. I figured easy division (check) plus a healthy Antonio Gates and offensive line (un-check) and another stellar season by the underrated Rivers (un-un-check) equaled championship. Instead, Rivers has played downright Losmanian, Gates looks like he might never be the same, the offensive line is more banged up than the extras on The Walking Dead, and the head coach is still Norv Turner. Well, for now.

Tony Care: You're not alone, Jesse. I also took these turkeys as my AFC pick for the Super Bowl. This goes beyond Norv Turner. He'll be gone by the Monday following the Chargers' final game, at the very latest. But Turner is the least of San Diego's problems. If I'm the Spanos family, I also show general manager A.J. Smith the door. The product you see on the field is a direct reflection of Smith, who I've concluded has no clue on how to build this team into Super Bowl champion.

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