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CFL Power RankingsCFL Power Rankings: Week 16

Posted: Monday, October 17, 2011 | 11:13 AM

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Eskimos slotback Fred Stamps (2) scores a second-half touchdown against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Saturday. (Ian Jackson/Canadian Press) Eskimos slotback Fred Stamps (2) scores a second-half touchdown against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Saturday. (Ian Jackson/Canadian Press)

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Once a week, Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League.

Once a week, Malcolm Kelly breaks down the balance of power in the Canadian Football League.

1. B.C. LIONS [Unchanged]
Overall record: 9-6
Streak: Eight wins

Onward prowl the surprising Lions. Young talent Andrew Harris had another big week with a combined 146 yards and it was great watching the respect he showed old fart Angus Reid after one of those scores, thanking the centre for a great block. Travis Lulay stood up when needed by moving the team for a pair of late touchdowns that put the game away. DB Anthony Reddick was terrific with 10 tackles and a sack. To win out, the Lions will have to beat Hamilton on the road, Edmonton and Montreal at home.
Overall record: 10-5
Streak: four wins

QB Anthony Calvillo threw for 341 yards against Hamilton and would have lost if not for a missed official's call. This is the way it's likely to be from here on out, with the offence carrying the injury ravaged defenders, instead of the other way around. They'll take the win, but that defensive collapse late must have left the Als' brain trust with a headache. Now, two points in front of Winnipeg for first and into Manitoba next week. A win wraps things up, but a loss means a sprint to the finish.
Overall record: 9-6
Streak: Two wins

Both teams put in a strong defensive effort, but the Eskies were a step better than the Bombers, picking off Buck Pierce three times and adding five big sacks plus three forced fumbles. You win when it gets cold by having your stout hearted defenders come to battle (cliche of the week) and this game showed Edmonton has a team now that can do that. Eight defenders had at least three tackles, and that shows they are working as a full squad.
Overall record: 9-6
Streak: One loss

Tough defeat, certainly, but things can still work out heading for the home game this week against Montreal. Bombers are two points back in the battle for first in the East and home field in the final. If they beat the Als, they would take the season series and that's the first tie breaker. Three picks by Buck Pierce was the difference in the loss to Edmonton, but that's not going to happen every time out. Defence had four sacks. Swaggerville mayor Odell Willis is sore but fine, so everyone can breathe again out there in the land of lakes.
Overall record: 8-7
Streak: Two losses

Seriously? You're in a three-way fight for first in the West, you come in to meet a team with only three wins and you play like this? Henry Burris, who was not up to professional standards in the first half (two picks, and a bad bounce pass), was asked afterwards if he was worried the start next week might go to Drew Tate, who looked great in the second half. Burris referenced how he was, after all, the defending MOP in the CFL, and how he'd be ready to go if called. Seems to be a strange lack of urgency about the whole thing.
Overall record: 7-8
Streak: Two losses

After having an obvious touchdown taken away from them (I've got an idea, how about Wendy's Kick for a Chance to Be a Downfield Official?) late in the fourth, the Cats came up with two more touchdowns and almost pulled off a win in Montreal. Though a loss, the game showed how this club can play when it is ready to go. Marcel Bellefeuille is channeling GM Bob O'Billovich by using QBs Kevin Glenn and Quinton Porter like Obie alternated Condredge Holloway and Joe Barnes to win a Grey Cup in 1983.
Overall record: 4-11
Streak: One win

Argos have played well in the last two games as the entire roster competes for jobs next year. In effect, this is a 23-game run to the 2012 playoffs. Next season is being called the most important in franchise history (What, another one?) by coach and GM Jim Barker because they are hosting the 100th Grey Cup. That might be a tad over the top, but you can understand how he feels. So, putting in a strong effort in beating Calgary this week was nice to see. Cory Boyd (18 carries, 148 yards) showed the boss what he can do with the ball, having already shown him up with his Tweets.
Overall record: 4-11
Streak: Four losses

Now that the faint hope clause has been removed, the Riders can now focus on next season. They played with pride against the Lions, and that shows there are veterans in that dressing room who can lead. The O-Line opened some holes for Wes Cates to run through, but it also allowed Darian Durant to be sacked three times. This offence simply cannot score (six field goals, no TDs) and will have to be reworked. The defence spends a lot of time on the field.

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