ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) The Texas Rangers said Monday they had spoken with two teammates who were with Tanner Scheppers and have a ``full understanding'' of what happened when the reliever was involved in a physical altercation in Cleveland.

Scheppers said after the team's statement that he didn't initially say All-Star closer Joe Nathan and catcher A.J. Pierzynksi were with him early Friday ``because I felt like it wasn't a big deal, and I didn't want to involve them.''

Scheppers said he was ``sucker-punched by several young males'' while out to dinner a few blocks from the team hotel after getting to Cleveland on Thursday night.

When asked about his teammates, Scheppers said neither Nathan or Pierzynski were hit.

``They were there with me, so they know what happened,'' Scheppers said. ``They mostly just picked me up off the floor.''

Cleveland Police said Scheppers was involved in a physical altercation at 2:30 a.m. Friday. The statement said Scheppers ``refused to provide information and refused to make a police report.''

The Rangers thanked Cleveland police and said they consider the incident closed.

Scheppers, who pitched a scoreless inning against the Indians on Sunday, also thanked Cleveland police, who he said took him back to the hotel. He added that he'll be ``a little more careful'' in the future.

A Cleveland-based entertainment website, Scene, cited unnamed witness in a report Sunday that Scheppers verbally instigated the incident.

``I really don't have any further information. I really have gone over that, I've turned that page,'' Scheppers said Monday, his left eye still bruised. ``Unfortunately, an incident happened.''