Spark Senior Producer Michelle Parise

Spark Senior Producer Michelle Parise brings you some digital basics to help make your online life a little easier, with her Tech Public Service Announcements.

June 22, 2012 - PSA #5: Email Valedictions

Michelle on what she thinks is the best way to sign off in an email. Fun Fact: Valediction is the...


June 3, 2012 - PSA #4: Email Salutations

How to properly address an email to someone you don't know (according to Michelle, anyway!)...


March 25, 2012 - PSA #3: - The Right Click Menu

How to get instant spell check suggestions and how to add words it says are spelled wrong even if they're...


March 11, 2012 - PSA #2: CC, BCC

How to properly use CC and BCC when addressing emails. (Runs 1:41)...


Feb 5, 2012 - PSA #1: Threadjacking and OT

How to not be a threadjacker (someone who responds to mass emails with irrelevant responses and hits "reply-all"), and how...


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