Help Us Out: The Future of the 30 Second Ad Spot

I came across an intriguing blog post recently, by cultural anthropologist, consultant, and former Spark guest, Grant McCracken. He suggests that in an age of viral marketing, social media, and elaborate campaigns designed to spread the word in a crowded media marketplace, there's still a role for the well-crafted, 30 second, ad spot.

That got me thinking about the ad campaigns of days gone by; you know, when a campaign would last for a long time, and the ad would be come a part of broader popular culture for years. I'm thinking of Coke's iconic "I'd like to teach the world to sing" ads, for instance. What are your memories of iconic campaigns gone by? Do you think there's any room for that kind of advertising in a narrowcasting, social media world? Perhaps it's Old Spice Guy?

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