Help Us Out: The Future of 3D Printing

On Spark 139, we're going to talk 3D printing. As you may know, 3D printers basically 'print out' objects: a material such as plastic is sprayed out, layer on layer, from a nozzle, according to a computer program's specifications. We first covered this technology back in the first season of Spark, and since then, 3D printers have taken off! We are looking at researchers who are printing out food (yes) at Cornell University, but it's just one example of many possible uses of 3D printing to make customizable objects.

The question is, if we have 3D printers at the corner store, or even in our homes, and those printers can extrude customized shoes, clothes, toys, or food, what does that mean for the future of manufacturing? What would a future of 3D printers look like? I'd love to include your thoughts on this week's episode, so please leave a comment below, or better yet, call the Spark Hotline (toll free in Canada) 1-877-34-SPARK (1-877-347-7275). Thanks!


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