Help Us Out: Your Thoughts On Today's Facebook Announcement

Photo by Ethan Hein

You know how you have one friend who is devoted to email, and another that only texts, and yet another that IMs you or uses Facebook chat? Today, Facebook launched a new addition to Messages that will streamline the way users communicate. Everyone on the site now has an option to have an email address. If you opt in, you can communicate with all the people in your life (whether they are on FB or not) by simply choosing their name and typing a message. That message will get to them in whichever medium they prefer. Similarly, if they email you, IM you, or text you, it will pop up in your Facebook chat. Everything in one spot. And that spot is Facebook.

So what do you think? It's not quite the "G-mail killer" it was speculated to be, but today's announcement raises a lot of interesting questions. For one, there's the privacy issue. One of the things they announced today was that they will keep a log of your "conversation histories" with friends for several years. Does that give you the willies, or is it the great relationship document they're marketing it as? And, are there merits to having several different communication tools, or does this streamlining just make sense? What do you think about this one-stop shopping approach to communicating with the people in your life? Leave your comments below and we may use them in an upcoming episode of Spark.


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