Help Us Out: Workplace Social Media Policies

Photo by moriza

On an upcoming episode of Spark, we'll be looking at the growing use of corporate social media policies at work. Those policies may limit themselves to focusing on the use of the company blog, or company Twitter account, but in many cases, they govern what constitutes appropriate use of one's personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account. What do you think is a reasonable standard for businesses to demand of their employees? Perhaps it's simply that employees refrain from maligning the biz or giving up trade secrets. Maybe, though, it extends to how you present yourself. Is it OK to have pictures of yourself drunk at a party? Is it OK to do that if you're a teacher? If you're identifying yourself as an employee, as you might do on Facebook, does your employer have a right to be concerned about the political views you may express? Maybe, though, what you do and say on your own time is your own business, as long as you do your work. So many questions! I'd love to get some of your thoughts on what constitutes a reasonable approach in this shifting, grey area. Please leave comments below. Thanks!


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