Help Us Out: How Would You Build a Better Bus?

Photo by conner395

The other day, I came across a blog post by Olivier Thereaux, a Montreal-based Web Architect. Olivier has lived in different parts of the world, and one thing he's noticed is that the experience of using a public city bus in an unfamiliar place can be a puzzling and stressful experience. Bus systems aren't standardized from place to place, often there's very little information about where you are on the bus route. Even knowing what you're supposed to do to open the door can be tricky, especially if you don't speak the language. Compared to navigating the subway/metro/tube, buses just seem a lot more problematic, and even anxiety-provoking. On the next episode of Spark, we're going to look at some creative approaches for making the bus system more intuitive and friendlier. I'd love to include your thoughts on what you'd like to see in a next gen 'bus of the future'. Updated digital maps in shelters to show how far away the bus is, perhaps? Leave your suggestions in the comments, below. Thanks!


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