To repeat or not to repeat, that is the question

Since the very early days of Spark, we've known that many podcast listeners don't like repeats. As Raj "Rajio" Patel wrote:

seriously. If the episode is a repeat, we don't need a new podcast post for it - we can just look in the archives if we want to listen to old content. Repeats make zero sense in the podcast medium.

Since then, we've kept repeats out of the main Spark podcast feed. For completists, repeats continue to appear in the Spark Plus feed.

But now, a twist: for season four of Spark, we're rethinking our repeats. Rather than replay an existing show in its entirety, we're thinking about remixing past episodes of Spark into in-depth, hour long looks at a specfic topic or theme. For instance, we're considering a "Work" show that might include a piece on workplace surveillance, a story about Bring Your Own Computer initiatives, and a feature interview with Alain de Botton. Old content, recombined to create something new.

So here's the question: should these new "Franken-repeat" shows show up in the main Spark podcast feed? If so, what form should they take? We'd love to know what you think (and why). Please do leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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