Let's Make a Video


hands_blog2.jpgOriginal image by Josep Ma. Rosell

An Experiment in Co-Creation

We talk a lot on Spark about the impacts of our newly networked world. A world with links, weak and strong, in higher numbers than ever before. What are the boundaries we still need to maintain? When is it time to plunge into the network feet first?

We want to explore that question with you in Spark's first ever assignment in crowdsourced videomaking. Yup - that's right - we're gonna make some art together and see what happens.

We're going to take your contributions and edit a video collage that we hope will be by turns poignant, funny, thoughtful - and always creative.

Well, that's the plan. We're actually hoping to be surprised.  Surprised because one of the beauties of radical co-creation is that a lack of control can lead to new ideas.

We're not even sure how many entries we will get, so in order to ensure everyone gets into the spotlight, we're going to post them all on our Spark Youtube Channel (barring any violations of basic human decency).

Here's How You Can Take Part

Send us a video clip - maximum 30 seconds --  starting with one of these sentence fragments:

"I feel connected when..."


"I feel disconnected when..."

Feel free to send more than one entry. Feel free to include visuals beyond your talking head. Maybe you want to draw a picture? The more innovative, the better. You can email the clip to spark@cbc.ca. Include your location. If it's too big to email, send it via Yousendit.com or Sendspace.com to the same email address. We're also going to give you a deadline. In my experience, deadlines can be incredibly motivating in the creative process. The last day to submit is October 17th. Looking forward to seeing what we can make. Here's what's come in so far:


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