Your job before the internet?

vintage workplace 2
Original image by mike52ad

As journalists, we sometimes wonder how we managed to do our jobs before the internet came along.

We're now used to sending emails to colleagues around the country and using search engines and online directories to find people's contact information.

With all this, we tend to easily forget how things were just 10 years ago, when the phone book was still a major searching tool.  But enough about us and our journalism nostalgia.

We want to know how the web has transformed YOUR job. How would you compare your day-to-day work to what it was in the pre-internet era? Are you finding it has made your job easier, lonelier, or perhaps just plain crazier? Or maybe you have the type of job that hasn't been affected at all by the Internet?

Whether you're a teacher, hairstylist, veterinarian, mechanic, carpenter or whatever, we're eager to hear your stories.

Leave us a comment or send us an email about how the internet has changed your job and we'll try to incorporate as many of them as possible in the show.


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