To soak or not-to-soak: Can settle the debate?


Have you ever been embroiled in a fight you just can't resolve? Maybe one person likes to leave the dishes to soak overnight. And maybe the other person thinks soaking is gross and likes to wash them right away. You've talked to everyone you know about it, but you can't seem to find an impartial ear. Why not trust the blind wisdom of the online masses to solve your dispute and get a crowdsourced resolution.

At least, that's what Justin Marinos thought when he created a site where couples, roommates, siblings etc. can post both sides of an argument anonymously and let the crowd decide who is right. Like the popular smoking inside debate that has almost 1,500 votes. Anyone can vote and add a comment (if they become a member).

We asked our friends Luigi and Steph Bianco to test drive sidetaker and post their intractable leave it, it's soaking debate for an upcoming episode of Spark. And in the spirit of participation, we want to stick your nose in and take a side. So please take a peek into this tiff and cast your vote - to soak or not to soak.


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